Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Very Best Of The Sixties Was Found In The Music

Rolling Stone Magazine asked it's readers to pick the Top Ten Greatest Songs of the 60's. Usually the results of lists like this frustrate me because I can think of so many more deserving songs. I have to admit it, but this time, the list is right. The only change I would make is to swap the Jimi Hendrix position on the list with The Who's position.

Top 10 Greatest Hits of the 60's

You will find 10 songs on 10 pages with 10 awesome live performance videos. It just doesn't get any better than this.


  1. Sherry:

    The music from the sixties was great.. the list was ok But there were a couple of songs that I would have changed with other songs.. but hey.. to each their own I guess.

  2. Sherry,
    Given time, I would probably quibble with the list but as Scratch says, 'to each his own."

  3. Sherry:

    Let's just call them Great Songs of the 60s. :)

  4. Scratch.

    There are other songs and groups to consider, but these were voted on my Rolling Stone Mag readers, and the list is far better than the ones the mag usually comes up with.

    My Twitter friends think "Hey Joe" instead of "Watchtower" for Jimi, and instead of "Like A Rolling Stone" for Dylan, it should be "Watchtower". Over all, I'm satisfied with this list even if I didn't pick it. LOL

  5. Mr. O,

    This list was one that was created from reader votes rather than editors picks. A lot of "to each his own" went into it, and there are other songs maybe just as deserving, but I can't think of any better ones.

  6. Whit,

    Yep! "Great songs of the 60's" works for me.