Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sorry, I'm Just Bad

I keep saying to myself that I'm going to keep up this blog. Then something happens and...well...I'm just bad.

I've spent almost every day these last two weeks before Christmas trying to convince myself that I would have more time to blog once the holidays are over. Almost had me believing myself. Ok, I admit that's a lie, but I was bopping around singing "I'm A Believer" by the Monkees. That's close enough...right?

That was the state of affairs up until Christmas Day when hubby's daughter arrived. She had quite the surprise for me. It seems that while other members of the family knew about this, someone forgot to inform me. Hubby's daughter is pregnant. It's a girl.

Mind you, she has neglected to marry the baby daddy. I expect that kind of behavior from a 19 year old, not someone twice that age. I guess her biological clock's alarm rang, or something. I'm disappointed in her, very disappointed. I thought she had more sense than that.

I can understand wanting to have a child of your own. I can't understand bringing it into a world where she spends all her time on herself. Until the pregnancy she was out in the bars having fun most weekends. She's taken trips to visit college chums all over America. She's even gone on a singles cruise. Met some guy there, but distance made his heart fonder of another woman.

I can't count the failed relationships she's had. I'm afraid I've lost track. She even broke up with someone who wanted to marry her simply because he had 2 children and wasn't interested in having any more. He was the best of the lot, believe me.
I have been seriously unimpressed with some of the guys she's brought home for Daddy to meet. Daddy had to go all the way to the other side of the state to rescue her from one of those guys. Seems he had an abusive streak. Didn't like that she was out with friends while he was at work. Thought she should be at home doing the Susie Homemaker thing. She keeps a clean house, she doesn't cook. He threatened to murder her AFTER he murdered her cat.

She brought baby daddy home to meet us. His name is Todd. I think he's Todd Number 3. The first one was a cook, the second was a woodstove installer. Since she chooses to eat otu all the time instead of learning how to cook at home, she should have kept the first one. He, however, seemed to think she should pay more attention to him instead of her wardrobe.

Ok, so now she's having a baby. She and Todd have purchased a house together, they've made a baby together. Will someone explain to me how they can commit to a house and a baby, but not to each other? This woman is going to have a rude awakening in a very short space of time. Her penchant for salt is all ready showing in her ankles. I'm a bit worried about eclampsia or gestational diabetes. If she makes it through the pregnancy and produces a healthy baby she then has another problem. Baby will grow older and require something besides formula and baby food. I wonder if she'll learn to cook then? Oh! I'm just BAD!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Want Cheese With This Whine

Question: "I'm 60 freaking years old. Why do I have to work so hard?"

Answer: "Because I can!"

The company I work for has 6 girls down with the flu. Which leaves those of us who are willing to work some extra hours to cover.

Question: "How many workers are willing to work?"

Answer: " Three!"

Question: "How many of those 3 are under 55?"

Answer: "None!"

To make it sweeter for women willing to work those extra hours, the company pays $1 an hour more than our regular hourly wage. The paycheck I picked up on Friday reflected that increase and it included the overtime I put in. I could get really used to that size paycheck in a real hurry except for a couple of things. I still have all my regular chores to do including fetching in the wood for the woodstove which is our primary source of winter heat. The other thing is that I'm 60 freaking years old and that candle just don't burn at both ends.

I told the office on Friday that I'll cover maybe 4 hours more than my own cases, but it's time they got onto the younger women to do their share. When you have to take time off for every hangnail you get, someone else is covering your cases. Time to return the favor, don't ya think? We have family too, and homes to clean and Christmas to get ready for. I'm trying to keep from catching the flu myself so I can enjoy my holidays too.