Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smooth Jazz Saturday

Felt like a little Boney over here. This one has too much background noise in it, but I do love the tune.


Friday, June 27, 2008

There Ought To Be A Law

Since my boss doesn't know about this blog, she can't monitor me over here for HIPPA violations. I don't give out sufficient information about clients that they would be identifiable, but the boss would know who I'm talking about. She's vigilant when it comes to that and I can't blame her but sometimes situations exist that require a place for me to vent. I'm not a frog, I can't really eat what bugs me, but I can spill it out and hope that helps.

We have a private case, a woman with dementia and a family that is so far in to denial that they keep violating her safety. Her doctor wants 24 hour care for her, has flat said that she can't be left writing...but the family will only pay for 12 hours of care daily. She is then diapered, placed into bed, and left there for the remaining 12 hours every day.

She is so far into her dementia that she bites and claws at anyone trying to help her. One of the girls was bitten on the abdomen through a sweat shirt hard enough to draw blood. We are weekly having to call 911 to help pick her up because she's slid to the floor during the struggle to transfer her, and when we inform the family, they seem to think that there's something wrong with her legs and we should walk her more often. She doesn't remember HOW to walk part of the time.

One son went so far as to tell us that she can't pay for 24 hour care, or for two people to do a transfer because there wouldn't be enough money left for them to inherit. Then he took her to a bone specialist who did nothing but decide she was in pain and he put her on hydrocodone. Her brain doesn't function enough under normal circumstances let alone while being drugged.

The idiot son who lives in the area took her to New Jersey for Memorial weekend against the advice of her doctor. She was sick. She became sicker, and instead of taking her to an emergency room in New Jersey, he brought her back here that Sunday. Drove with her unresponsive for 5 hours. She was so out of it that they thought she was dying when they got her to the ER here. They couldn't get a vein to give her fluids without a resection. The reason for the drive? HE had a fishing date on Monday and he didn't want to miss it. There is no consideration at all for her safety. It's so shocking to me.

The latest thing is that the daughter is here and she decided Mom needed a trip to the beauty parlor. They arranged at first to have the aide go too for transfering her. Last night the idiot son calls me to tell me the aide won't be necessary because the salon will have someone help. They never told the salon that she doesn't use her legs at all. So when they got there they couldn't get her out of the car. Idiot calls the office demanding to know why no aide went with her, when told that he made the change with me last night, he denied it. My only saving grace is that he also said he spoke to the office nurse this morning and she said she'd go help with the transfer. NO! She didn't say any such thing. They will not accept that she's mentally incompetent and that it affects everything.

The plan now is to take her to New Jersey again for the Fourth of July. After today that may have changed, but I doubt it. Their total denial as to her condition makes both the client and the aides unsafe. She's placed in bed for 12 hours, nobody there to reposition her, and she can't roll over herself. Her skin is breaking down, she's a diabetic so this is really dangerous. THEY DON'T LISTEN or they just don't care. She belongs in a nursing home, but that would mean nothing left for them to inherit and apparently that's ALL they care about.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Move It, Or I'll Run Over It

So, today I had to go provide care for my client. When I arrive I always take a parking spot in her driveway that is farthest from her door. The driveway is wide enough for two cars, so, why is it that any one else coming there has to park directly behind me? She even asks them not to block me in and still, they park right behind me. The only exception is David, her Meals on Wheels delivery guy. He even comments that I park out of the way and it makes life so much easier for him. Pull up to the door, zip in zip out.

Today her daughter comes while I'm there, and shows no sign of thinking about moving her vehicle so I can back out. She's blathering away on the phone while I'm trying to get her attention to ask her if she'd be so kind as to move her vehicle. It took ten minutes of her holding up her hand for me to wait a minute before her Mom yelled at her to go move it so I could leave. She got told that she was raised better than this. Given what I've seen, I believe it, however, since out of Mom's house she seems to have acquired some less than desirable habits.

I could tell by the way my client was fuming that her daughter was going to be treated to an earful after I left. I had my purse and keys in hand, I'd say I wanted to leave, and she was just ignoring me. She tends to be a little self centered I guess. These days...who isn't? If you park so you're blocking someone else in, don't you pay attention to when they want to leave? How hard is that?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maybe We Could Change This?

The sad thing is...Somewhere someone watched this video and asked themselves...Who gives a fat frogs ass. It wasn't me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sure, I Believe You...Honest

Life really is like a box of chocolates. You never really do know what you're going to get. Yesterday I couldn't get the post editor here to let me keep my paragraphs. That's just so frustrating.

Despite the problems I encounter here with image upload and paragraphs, I really like this place. I wouldn't want to give up my BS blog entirely because I do like the sense of community that you don't get here. Have you tried to read posts by using the Next Post feature? Might be nice if I could find more than one written in English out of the 30 or so I've looked at that way. I did find one that I left a comment on but people here don't answer comments. That could be a good thing.

Some bloggers want the social aspect of blogging. Staying in touch through comments. Making blog friends, meeting people, that kind of thing. Some people want to write and be left alone. I'm finding that I'm both kinds of people at different times. Never knew that about myself.

I no longer really wish to meet people. Especially after what I've seen happen. I have learned that too many bloggers aren't like their blogs. If it's the blog that draws you to them, why would you want to meet them and have your illusions destroyed? Of course, if someone were in my area and wanted to have lunch or something there's no harm in that, but not with a view to establishing life long friendship.
I had a blogger once tell me that she approached every blog as if the author was a crackpot. She says that way she won't feel duped if she finds out down the road that the person behind the blog was a raving lunatic. If you're interested in what she thinks of me, apparently I'm only mildly cracked and in a good way. Yepper, that's me, just a little cracked around the edges. I just wish that there was a good way to tell. There's too many "figments", to borrow Mousey's word and unfortunately for our sanity, they aren't from OUR imaginations. LOL, all this speculating from a person who thinks that dragons, gremlins, gnomes, 100 year old Fleas and tigers that talk and write blogs is perfectly normal. Is there a doctor in the house?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lunch Time, How About Some Protein With That Salad?

Us frogs are all over the place, you just have to keep a sharp eye out. We blend so well with the color green. LOL. Although I have to wonder how he got in there, and is he still alive and is this even real? So many questions just from studying a picture. It bears out one of the quotes Whit has in his blog.
I don't remember the exact wording but it's about stopping to study even the smallest things and finding yourself wrapped up in them. That has been happening to me since Spring arrived at my new home. We enjoy sitting on our deck, weather permitting, and just watching the birds. I don't ever remember hearing birds singing all day and here they do. I also saw something I never thought I'd see.
We were on the deck having coffee Sunday morning and a crow flew past, rather low. Next thing I saw was another much smaller bird fly up and dive right into the crow. From the flash of orange, I believe it to have been a robin but didn't see it clearly enough to say for sure. The crow halted in midflight long enough to look and then rather than fight back, it picked up speed and flew off into the trees.
Since then I've seen this occur two more times. Of course it's too cool to be sitting outside right now but I have seen this event from my windows. The only thing I can think is that the crow has been molesting the robins nest. Possibly trying to knock out a baby so it can feast on it. It is twice the size of the defender and yet it flees from it. Life in the wild, terrible and at the same time fascinating.
I've even seen very different colored dragonflies here. I had to look it up online when I saw it. It's black with dark brown and white opaque spots on it's otherwise translucent wings. Hmm, lunch for a frog maybe?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Takes All Kinds To Make A Froggin World

I had a conversation last night with a blogger that I respect tremendously. He's a character is Sir Scratchalot, with a sense of humor and a vein of creativity unequalled by many other bloggers. He has adopted an attitude of not caring what other people are doing on their blogs, nor does he care who the new characters are. At first I was puzzled by his attitude, but after having time to think things through I have begun to see something.

When we're blogging, we're online and the internet is no place to be giving out too much personal information. In order to avoid that we have to create an identity, a character if you will. I truly enjoy those with a sense of humor, and even though I know the real person behind that character may be far different, it doesn't bother me. So, why does it bother me when the real person behind a character creates a dramatic tragic identity?

I've written the truth about me as much as possible and probably given out more information than I should have. This is MY way of doing things, and I need to stop expecting others to do the same. Is there any way to create a fictional character honestly? Probably not, and why should I object to the fiction they're writing about or the people that support them?

I read something and mentally point a finger and think to myself that I'm reading a pack of lies. That shouldn't matter. There's no regulation in blogging that says you can't create fiction, quite the opposite really. Blogging is an opinion based forum, it is the opinion of the character/author that I'm reading. If the character is a work of fiction than the opinion isn't worth a second notice by me. That's my choice.

From now on if I see trouble brewing, I'm moving on and leaving the trouble right where it is. I might come over here and blog it out, make fun of it, or do anything I find necessary to get out what I'm feeling so that I really can let go of it. The other thing I'm going to do is stop questioning the new blogs when they occur. Maybe they are nothing more than another ID of someone I don't like or have had problems with, and as long as that particular ID doesn't cause any grief...then I'm fine with it. It's ALL smoke and mirrors anyways.

I have my preferences, and those are the folks I plan on staying blogbuddies with. I don't need any more, but I can at least nod to the rest of the community in passing. There's no regulation that states I have to comment on every blog I read. Nor do I have to be buddies with every blogger I comment to.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beertender, Draw Me A Bud

Anybody want a Bud?
I have to say that with the pop eyes and tongue hanging out these froggys look a bit lecherous. I'm surprised the pic is still in Photobucket, they tend to take these things out, so enjoy it while it shows...if it shows.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Heat Is On, And It Ain't Sexy

Today is day 5 of the over 90 degree weather we're being treated to. We are supposed to get major storms this afternoon that will cool us back down to normal here. School is still in session here and the classrooms are too hot for the teachers and the students. I'm staying inside where it's cool and comfortable and I'm not moving as much as I should because the humidity is wrecking my knees. LOL, the price of getting old.

The television news programs are all giving tips on how to stay healthy during this heat spell. Mostly they're saying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Do your exercising early in the morning. Stay hydrated and if you do have to be outside in the sun, wear a hat.


Froggin image editor won't let me upload my hat! I had to use the html feature instead of the image editor in the Create post feature. I'm getting frogged off over here.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

She Stole My Prince

Hey! Bella! He's mine. Give him back dang it!

You find your own prince. LOL

New Look, Old Ideas

I like this template much better. When I started the blog I didn't really look at all the templates available, and took the first one that seemed different from the browns I was seeing in other blogs here. However, the more I thought about it the more I figured that frogs are green so I needed green rather than pink in my blog. I didn't like the lime green backgrounds in some of the other templates and then voila I found this one. So, it has a little lime green but not a lot of it and I'm likeing the dark seafoam I guess you'd call it.

I like the quiet here. Nobody bothering me. I can think and say what I dang well want to, and nobody can stop me. LOL.

I think I better find some frog graphics. LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Great Fuzzinator Escape

Meet the Fuzzinator, that's his name. He's a Rumpy Cabbit Manx. Or maybe it's a Cabbit Rumpy Manx or it could be a Manx Rumpy Cabbit. Not being a Manx expert, I'm not sure. For the ininitiated, Manx is his breed, Rumpy is the length of his tail and Cabbit means his front legs are longer than his back legs. The reason he's of interest is because, he disappeared this morning.
He and another calico Manx female belong to my neighbor John and his girlfriend Dianne. It seems that Muffin was tormenting Fuzzinator and during the chase they hit a screen in a front window. Screen popped out. Muffin sat and cried for her staff, Fuzzinator took the opportunity to go exploring. His disappearance left John and Dianne quite concerned.
We took turns prowling the neighborhood calling for Fuzzinator which was a total waste of time. If you call a dog they might come, if you call a cat, leave a message and they'll get back to you. When they're ready to. Or if they're hungry.
He's not allowed to roam. Not exactly a house cat as he is allowed outside on his tiedown. He seems comfortable with that most of the time. It allows him as much freedom as any dog has and it keeps him out from under the wheels of any passing cars. It also keeps him from chasing skunks and porcupines which like Martha Stewart says is a good thing.
Alls well that ends well as Fuzzinator returned to the fold just about time to eat. He's been examined for wounds, fleas, and assorted other things that might find themselves attached to his fur and found to be clean. Somewhat annoyed by the unwanted attention, but none the worse for wear.

I posted this for the first time in June of 2008. It is being reposted (I hope) because Fuzzinator did it again. I'm not sure how he got out of the house this time, it being still cold and we are not yet leaving windows open for air. However, when I went to leave for work this morning, there sat Fuzz on my deck.

I wasn't sure it was him at first, but when I came out he spoke to me and started to walk down the steps. He would stop every so often to see if I was following him, and when I saw which direction he was intent on traveling to, I did. By then I knew it was him and he wanted to go home.

John had left for work, but Dianne was at home sleeping. It took quite a bit of pounding on things to wake her up. Fuzzinator sat quietly while I did all the work and as soon as she came to the door and opened it he bolted into the house as if the hounds of Hell were after him.

She was absolutely shocked, had no idea he was gone, nor when he left. The only thing we can figure is he got out when John went to work. John just left here a few minutes ago after coming here to thank me for seeing to it that Fuzz got home safely this morning. He believes that Fuzz escaped when he went back into the house for something he forgot and left the doors open. He was in a hurry and never saw Fuzz outside. He and Fuzz take walks every day. Apparently Fuzz thought it was walk time. This seems to be the only explanation for the escape since Fuzzinator may be a Manx of many talents, but he can't walk through walls.


Last night while watching TV news, I learned that a hospital in Syracuse has lost the body of a stillborn baby. They searched the hospital for it for 2 days before they decided to call the police. This offends me on so many levels.

We've become a society that no longer holds anyone responsible for their actions. We can see the evidence online. I'm anonymous so I can say anything to you I choose, start as much trouble as I want to and because I'm anonymous, you can't touch me. Nothing will happen to me because so many people will continue to support me that I will never feel the need to change my tactics.

I believe we really ought to be ashamed of ourselves. We've become so used to that attitude that we carry it into real life. We get mad at the boss and piss in the company coffee pot. Then we create videos of it and put it on TV. How sick do we become before someone says enough is enough?

We are all responsible for this behavior. This attitude that I don't have to do the very best I can do because no one will hold me accountable. So, now it has resulted in the loss, by a hospital morgue, of a still born body. That's sick, and we need to change our attitudes. Sooner or later they'll find out what happened to that poor deceased baby, and I don't want to think about what might have happened to it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pickin my nose instead of a fight. LOL, I figured out how to put a picture in my blog. Whoo hoo I'm a friggen genius.

Some Days I Could Spit

I'm not sure what I want to do with this blog. Probably going to be just a place I can vent what bugs me without interference from others in Blogstream. I planned on deactivating, but after Lovestawrite came to my blog with his nastiness, I decided not to give him or anyone else the satisfaction. My blog will be open, and any posts will be for fun. If I have something I need to air, it will be over here and people can read it or not.

Just because we;re anonymous doesn't give people the right to victimise others, and I see way too much of that in Blogstream.