Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lunch Time, How About Some Protein With That Salad?

Us frogs are all over the place, you just have to keep a sharp eye out. We blend so well with the color green. LOL. Although I have to wonder how he got in there, and is he still alive and is this even real? So many questions just from studying a picture. It bears out one of the quotes Whit has in his blog.
I don't remember the exact wording but it's about stopping to study even the smallest things and finding yourself wrapped up in them. That has been happening to me since Spring arrived at my new home. We enjoy sitting on our deck, weather permitting, and just watching the birds. I don't ever remember hearing birds singing all day and here they do. I also saw something I never thought I'd see.
We were on the deck having coffee Sunday morning and a crow flew past, rather low. Next thing I saw was another much smaller bird fly up and dive right into the crow. From the flash of orange, I believe it to have been a robin but didn't see it clearly enough to say for sure. The crow halted in midflight long enough to look and then rather than fight back, it picked up speed and flew off into the trees.
Since then I've seen this occur two more times. Of course it's too cool to be sitting outside right now but I have seen this event from my windows. The only thing I can think is that the crow has been molesting the robins nest. Possibly trying to knock out a baby so it can feast on it. It is twice the size of the defender and yet it flees from it. Life in the wild, terrible and at the same time fascinating.
I've even seen very different colored dragonflies here. I had to look it up online when I saw it. It's black with dark brown and white opaque spots on it's otherwise translucent wings. Hmm, lunch for a frog maybe?


  1. Yep, perhaps lunch for a frog, but who knows? it could leave a bad taste in a frog's mouth!

    I think it would be sick to go to the store and find a frog in a bag of greens! yucko! If kept refrigerated it was probably still alive.

  2. I'm hoping it's photoshopped. The idea just grosses me out. EEEEEEW.

  3. It could very well be photoshopped, however, it looks rather authentic to tellya the truth!