Thursday, June 26, 2008

Move It, Or I'll Run Over It

So, today I had to go provide care for my client. When I arrive I always take a parking spot in her driveway that is farthest from her door. The driveway is wide enough for two cars, so, why is it that any one else coming there has to park directly behind me? She even asks them not to block me in and still, they park right behind me. The only exception is David, her Meals on Wheels delivery guy. He even comments that I park out of the way and it makes life so much easier for him. Pull up to the door, zip in zip out.

Today her daughter comes while I'm there, and shows no sign of thinking about moving her vehicle so I can back out. She's blathering away on the phone while I'm trying to get her attention to ask her if she'd be so kind as to move her vehicle. It took ten minutes of her holding up her hand for me to wait a minute before her Mom yelled at her to go move it so I could leave. She got told that she was raised better than this. Given what I've seen, I believe it, however, since out of Mom's house she seems to have acquired some less than desirable habits.

I could tell by the way my client was fuming that her daughter was going to be treated to an earful after I left. I had my purse and keys in hand, I'd say I wanted to leave, and she was just ignoring me. She tends to be a little self centered I guess. These days...who isn't? If you park so you're blocking someone else in, don't you pay attention to when they want to leave? How hard is that?

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  1. Oh the mentality! not to mention that was just downright rude, as if to say, your time doesn't matter, I'm busy, can't YOU wait? fruck that. Her mother needed to give her a good verbal thrashin'.