Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maybe We Could Change This?

The sad thing is...Somewhere someone watched this video and asked themselves...Who gives a fat frogs ass. It wasn't me.


  1. You're right Sherry, and more than likely they will grow up to be more aggressive adults themselves because of what they had to endure, resorting perhaps to drugs ... whatever happened to personal moral values? I think these are going to have to be taught in the school system, as parents are failing in their jobs to teach their own children or something ?? God only knows.

  2. Sherry ~ When I think of some of the Juvenile Offenders that I worked with, you could almost read this sort of behavior written accross their forehead. It becomes part of their character. So Sad to see it Grow like a Cancer. Then they grow up to become Abusers & Convicts/Inmates.

  3. sherry,

    I installed this new comment thing on my blog so you can follow who comments and respond back; it is supposed to be more comment friendly, called intense debate, easy to install, I guess I forgot to check install old comments? anyway, see if you can comment over here, or if I missed something I was supposed to do.