Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sure, I Believe You...Honest

Life really is like a box of chocolates. You never really do know what you're going to get. Yesterday I couldn't get the post editor here to let me keep my paragraphs. That's just so frustrating.

Despite the problems I encounter here with image upload and paragraphs, I really like this place. I wouldn't want to give up my BS blog entirely because I do like the sense of community that you don't get here. Have you tried to read posts by using the Next Post feature? Might be nice if I could find more than one written in English out of the 30 or so I've looked at that way. I did find one that I left a comment on but people here don't answer comments. That could be a good thing.

Some bloggers want the social aspect of blogging. Staying in touch through comments. Making blog friends, meeting people, that kind of thing. Some people want to write and be left alone. I'm finding that I'm both kinds of people at different times. Never knew that about myself.

I no longer really wish to meet people. Especially after what I've seen happen. I have learned that too many bloggers aren't like their blogs. If it's the blog that draws you to them, why would you want to meet them and have your illusions destroyed? Of course, if someone were in my area and wanted to have lunch or something there's no harm in that, but not with a view to establishing life long friendship.
I had a blogger once tell me that she approached every blog as if the author was a crackpot. She says that way she won't feel duped if she finds out down the road that the person behind the blog was a raving lunatic. If you're interested in what she thinks of me, apparently I'm only mildly cracked and in a good way. Yepper, that's me, just a little cracked around the edges. I just wish that there was a good way to tell. There's too many "figments", to borrow Mousey's word and unfortunately for our sanity, they aren't from OUR imaginations. LOL, all this speculating from a person who thinks that dragons, gremlins, gnomes, 100 year old Fleas and tigers that talk and write blogs is perfectly normal. Is there a doctor in the house?


  1. Sherry:

    I found my way here and decided to do this the easy way. now you can trace this comment back to Dreamland.. hopefully. there isn't much there yet but I will work on the looks slowly. nice blog you have here by the way.


  2. I'm just using one of the templates they provide here for a background. This is the second one I tried, this one I really like. It matches the frog theme I have going on over here. The first one didn't really.

    It's quiet, you don't get tthe attention or support here that BS used to give you, but it's a very satisfying feeling to not worry about whose fighting with who

  3. Sherry,

    I just don't care anymore really about blogging that much. I am just gonna do what I darn well want, and when I want, and when I want to!

    I like being social and antisocial!

    I just wished I had more control over some other aspects of my life, work being one of them!

    As far as meeting bloggers, I have never given it much thought really. I'm sure there are those who would pleasantly surprise us, as those who would definitely shock us!

    As far as flakes and fruitcakes one can never be sure of that, and there is probably an illness for that, call it "bipolar blogging"!!! LOL

  4. and it looks like I need a proofer today! good lord have mercy.

    *Yep, I'm walking in the grammar lane of shame today!*

  5. Hey Bella, wouldn't you just love to meet CM? LOL. When I first went to the stream I was so impressed I wanted to meet almost everyone, now...well...maybe 3 or 4. Things sure have changed. LOL

  6. absolutely! I think she's fascinating!

  7. absolutely! I think she's fascinating!