Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last night while watching TV news, I learned that a hospital in Syracuse has lost the body of a stillborn baby. They searched the hospital for it for 2 days before they decided to call the police. This offends me on so many levels.

We've become a society that no longer holds anyone responsible for their actions. We can see the evidence online. I'm anonymous so I can say anything to you I choose, start as much trouble as I want to and because I'm anonymous, you can't touch me. Nothing will happen to me because so many people will continue to support me that I will never feel the need to change my tactics.

I believe we really ought to be ashamed of ourselves. We've become so used to that attitude that we carry it into real life. We get mad at the boss and piss in the company coffee pot. Then we create videos of it and put it on TV. How sick do we become before someone says enough is enough?

We are all responsible for this behavior. This attitude that I don't have to do the very best I can do because no one will hold me accountable. So, now it has resulted in the loss, by a hospital morgue, of a still born body. That's sick, and we need to change our attitudes. Sooner or later they'll find out what happened to that poor deceased baby, and I don't want to think about what might have happened to it.


  1. Sherry,

    that is sick, who would do such a thing? It is unbelievable to me the mentality of some people who think they have to "get back" at everybody, who obviously never learned how to deal with any type of criticism or even take advice; it is sad and disheartening. how do they explain that behavior to the parents whose stillborn child is missing??

  2. The parents have hired a lawyer. Even the funeral home didn't tell them the body was missing. It's sick.

  3. Sherry, I Really Love the This Blog's Name ! Really sorry you had to Deal with all That 'Crap' :( - Yep, like a Bad Penny.. I just keep turning up, LOL . I just invited myself here. Nice Place, :)

    Re: the Post, People are capable of the most horrilbe acts, responsibilty for AnyThing is at an all time low.

  4. The letters in the beginning were meant to represent swear words and it wasn't until I posted the title that I realized I had added 2 letters that make no sense. LOL.

    I think my venting here is a better idea. That way certain people won't get their asses involved.