Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Want Cheese With This Whine

Question: "I'm 60 freaking years old. Why do I have to work so hard?"

Answer: "Because I can!"

The company I work for has 6 girls down with the flu. Which leaves those of us who are willing to work some extra hours to cover.

Question: "How many workers are willing to work?"

Answer: " Three!"

Question: "How many of those 3 are under 55?"

Answer: "None!"

To make it sweeter for women willing to work those extra hours, the company pays $1 an hour more than our regular hourly wage. The paycheck I picked up on Friday reflected that increase and it included the overtime I put in. I could get really used to that size paycheck in a real hurry except for a couple of things. I still have all my regular chores to do including fetching in the wood for the woodstove which is our primary source of winter heat. The other thing is that I'm 60 freaking years old and that candle just don't burn at both ends.

I told the office on Friday that I'll cover maybe 4 hours more than my own cases, but it's time they got onto the younger women to do their share. When you have to take time off for every hangnail you get, someone else is covering your cases. Time to return the favor, don't ya think? We have family too, and homes to clean and Christmas to get ready for. I'm trying to keep from catching the flu myself so I can enjoy my holidays too.


  1. Nope, I just told them I was worn out and couldn't keep up the pace again this week. They started 2 new aides, one Friday and one today so they got the cases that aren't covered until they can find some cases for them.

  2. Good for you! Hope you managed to keep that flu at bay.