Friday, April 15, 2011

Music Of My Life Playlist

I enjoy many different genres of music, but there are certain songs or groups that resonate with me in ways that have allowed me to enjoy them for much of my lifetime. Some of them were connected with a happy event. Some of them were connected to a time in my life when I was possibly vulnerable and some are just  songs that suggested the sheer joy of life to me.

All of these songs, and many, many others are part of the journey I have taken in the past 40 plus years.  These are the ones that have stood the test of time. The music that will make me turn up the radio or simply stop what I'm doing and listen, and remember. Not all memories are happy ones. There were deaths, break ups, friends won and lost. New loves, old loves and time marching on.

There were probably a hundred more songs that I could include on that list. Groups like The Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Doobie Brothers, Three Dog Night, Simon and Garfunkle to name a few, but I decided to stop at 50. It's not a top 50 list by any means, it's a put a smile on my face and a song in my heart list.

That is what music does, I think. It comforts when you're sorrowing, lifts you when you're down. It shares with you joy or laughter and always makes you listen. Always.


  1. Sherry:

    Even the bittersweet memories evoked by music are precious, because they make us what we are.

  2. Amen to that, Sherry. Music is the soul of life!

  3. oh, and I love the playlist, great allman bros, bach-turner, shiz! fantastic!

  4. My own is too long; I keep adding to it. There really isn't a "style" I don't like, but there is good and bad in each. What is bad music? Is there such a thing? Objectively-speaking, I suppose there might be, depending entirely on how it was defined - but that's the snag: no two people would agree absolutely.

  5. Sheez!....Fantastic playlist_ Sherry. Are you sure you're not 62?...
    Just kidding ....59.95 s&h. This could be my list. Love seeing
    All you guys.
    I am working a lot and deciding how to transfer out of Blogstream.
    For me it is not easy, because our two best computers are done... toast.
    That's merely an excuse for procrastination. I'll get it done. Fer'sure.
    I now have a wordpress, a tumblr and this old blogger, which I neglected for years.
    So much meme-o-rable time have we all spent. It is a strange kind of lust.
    Wanting to know how everyone is really doing.
    Music of the spheres. I am out and off to the yard no sun ,but rain is done.
    Prayers for those in today's miserable tornadic spell in Southeast US.
    Ulric TRust Hubert Chiliwitz....
    "one pill makes you larger ...folks ....Nice Sherry.
    Hey! John You appear to be just as I thought.
    Damn this id good music
    "Feed your head"

  6. Whit,

    And all our memories have their own background music.

  7. Bella.

    Glad you like the playlist.

  8. John,

    There is good and bad in each genre. There's also good and bad from each performer. Still, it's all worth listening to.

  9. YF,

    Thanks, This list represents music when it was at it's peak. Glad you liked it.

  10. HR,

    Not 62 until September. LOL