Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Unaccomplished Life

We had a storm on Tuesday here in my area. I have an entire post written about the storm, the flooding, the tornado and how closely I came to getting caught in the thick of it. Then I remembered the real tragedies in the area where tornados are a common thing and wondered why I thought our storm was so special?

This picture is interesting to me due to the buildings pictured in it. The building on the right side of the picture is my doctors office and the gray building on the left is the Health Food Store where I buy my supplements and other things. I was going to go there on Tuesday, but changed my mind or otherwise I'd have been there when that bolt of lightening hit. That's a car it almost struck.

The white building in the background is a cheese factory. You can faintly see the lightening bolt that actually hit it. Blew some tiles off the roof but no one was hurt.

Someone said to me awhile back "Why do you have a blog?" As I sat here reading that earlier post  and what I had written about the storm, I found myself asking that very same question. I decided that had it not been for Mom's death, I wouldn't even know what a blog was, so how do I answer that question?

I had only used the internet once at a friend's house, and suddenly I've got an internet connection and the first thing I do with it is sign up at a blogging site? I don't whitewater raft. I don't travel all over the world. I don't pay the least bit of attention to pop culture unless it's shoved in my face  and yet, I have a blog. Strikes me as being pretty arrogant. The notion that a middle age female of no particular accomplishment seems to think she has enough to say that she needs a blog to say it makes me shake my head in wonder. What am I doing here?

I look back over my life and frankly, it's pretty boring. Mind you, I am not at all discontented with it, I just can't see why I thought it would provide fodder for the blog mill. Yet, for 5 years it has. I am apparently somewhat more amazingly opinionated than I thought I was. That last sentence, by the way, is a bold faced lie. I've always known I was amazingly opinionated, I just never knew that I would be a worthwhile blogger. I just did it. I just signed up on a blogsite and started writing. Then I found out I was supposed to have a goal. Well, I'm not always known for doing things the right way.

Once in awhile I throw caution to the wind and walk up the down staircase. Sometimes I like to exit the entrance. Gives me a different perspective on life. One that I believe will provide me with a blog topic here and there. And if nothing much occurs to me, well, there is always the weather.


  1. SSher3ry:

    And don't forget to drive against the arrow in a parking lot. My wife says that I am always doing that. Gives us a different perspective. :^)

  2. I think most of us have that boring life feeling. Well, that is just the way we see it. and it may be true, but as you say we have the weather, that offers some variations.

  3. Sherry,
    Blogging fulfills each of us in some way. For me, it gives a figurative way of tilting at windmills without the danger of whirling blades. Besides, to become a piano player requires a piano and most likely (for me anyway) a bunch of lessons.

  4. Whit,

    Living in a much smaller city than you do, our parking lots don't have arrows. Apparently we don't need no steenkin arrows to find our way around. LOL

  5. Fringe,

    Actually, my life isn't quite as boring as I say it is. The problem is that I can't recount events surrounding my clients, it's a HIPPA Law violation and could get me into all kinds of trouble, but...boy...I could really tell some tales.

  6. Mr. O,

    I'd love to take piano lessons, I just don't happen to have a piano lying about.

    I guess I'm just like the rest of the attention ho's. LOL

  7. Ever found a middle of the road opinionated blog or blogger ?? I have not...all are opinionated to one extreme or the other about a wide range of subjects....Not that they are extreme but firm in their beliefs...I also am, I just try to infuse humor in my opinions...while not always successful in that endeavor I enjoy my boring uneventful existence and commenting about it.....Keep up the good work

  8. TAB,

    I'll keep up the good work if you do too. Gotcha there now didn't I? Actually, I think I blog to have a new audience for my opinions. Seems like the folks who love me and those who don't have heard em all. LOL

  9. I have a blog because I wrote something about my Mom's death one day and a guy named "TR" left a comment. That encouraged me to write another piece about something else, and somebody calling herself Sherry left a comment. At that point I said, "Well golly - must be I have a blog. What's a blog?"

  10. You've managed to educate me on a few things over the years, Sherry, and you've managed to make me laugh quite a few times as well.

    Thank you for that.

  11. John,

    Do you think we know what a blog is yet? Does it even matter?

    That someone calling herself Sherry is actually a Sharon. Real attempt at hiding identity there. LOL

  12. PaulV,

    Laughter is best when shared, don't you think? Glad I provided some of those happy moments.

  13. nice blog, Sherry

    this is azron

  14. Hi Ron,

    Nice of you to stop by, and as you see, I have my blog set up so that people can comment anonymously.

    It's not Blogstream, but I do like it here. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. If you think your life is boring, you just need to find a few people whose lives are even more boring. You then will become exciting and exotic by comparison. Maybe change your name to "Sherry, Queen of Life's Liquer", complete with foot high hat decorated as a Sherry bottle.

  16. Skinny,

    Boring has it's advantages. I wouldn't want to give those up just to have something to say. LOL

  17. I have also seems these types of the storms they have tremendous speed. And also they always damage many things. Many people are also ruined with the effects of these storms.

  18. Calina Jane,

    I live in the North East and we don't have this kind of storm the way they do in Tornado Alley. They damage, but not to the degree that places like Alabama or Tennessee suffer. It was a wild storm but nothing compared to what other's have suffered.