Monday, April 25, 2011

One Last Trip Down The Stream

Some, or maybe all of you will have read part of this post at our beloved former home, Blogstream. We're just a few days away from it's disappearance into whatever place in the ethernet that dead blogsites inhabit. I haven't reposted many of my posts from there simply because they were mostly related to things that happened at the time which makes many of them irrelevant today. The music posts I wished to save were all posted here in 2009 when I decided I wanted to leave the stream. The reasons for that move have been buried in the past and no longer matter, however, given the current state of things, I'm very glad I moved those posts. Many of you have had your nose to the grindstone saving your work these past few weeks while I have simply been playing around.

This was a poem I wrote in honor of many of the friends I had made in my early days as a blogger there. I should say the first 6 verses were from the early days. I brought it out and added to it early in 2009. One more verse was added today. By rights, this should be saved and posted here on Saturday April 30, but tomorrow would have been the beginning of my 6th year as a Blogstream blogger so I'm sure you'll understand why I'm posting it now.

Life is full of Second Chances,

And Uninspired Thoughts.
Along The Spiral Path of life,
I wonder, what has it brought?

Whispered Promises, My Mindlessness
Or am I Just Being Me?
Trying Not To Come Undone,
Should we ask Mr. P?

Inside The Flame, a River Rat
In the Pirates Cafe
The Good The Bad The Ugly,
I really couldn't say.

I'm in The Dog House, I believe,
Along with Library Cat.
Whit's Whittling My Nutty Life away,
I don't know where I'm at.

Echo's From The Tomb, I say
My Momma Never Told Me,
I'm Burning the Wick at Both Ends
Oh my, it's Ain't Life Peachy.

Ordinary Stuff from Ordinary People,
Deja Vu All Over Again.
Pets Discuss Their Problems
When will it ever end?

From inside the Inner Sanctum
I gazed at the View From The Bluffs
I've also seen MacKenzies Inner Fire
And I can't get enough.

Lifes Lesson's Endings and Beginnings
The Bits and Pieces of my sleep
Living And Dying in 5/4 Time
It's enough to make one weep.

Touchy Subjects or Strange Phrase Indeed?
Life Is Not One Big Joke.
I think I'll retire to Mr Ornery's Corner
And have myself a Coke.

Bella's Got A Brand New Blog
With Music Music Music.
I'm caught in My Soap Opera Life,
Help! I'm in need of radicaldiscipleship.

There is Ice on the Windshield
And I'm Blogging Along In My Automobile
Is this a quest for One Perfect Moment?
Or is it time for a brand new deal?

No, this is just a Stream of Consciousness
Flowing out like My Life On The River
Trying to catch hold of Moonsilvers Dream
Before I go Streaming Yellow Zonkers.

I'm taking Railroad Street to catch the train.
And I won't be back again.
Beloved Blogstream will soon be gone
And all your memories will linger on.

There are 42 blogging friends represented in that poem. Scratch and Bella both had blogs whose titles are represented twice. I borrowed the graphic for this post from Scratch's last Blogstream post. Somehow a stream in the Autumn of it's life seemed to be the perfect choice.

I'm going to be posting the poem in Blogstream tomorrow as a farewell to my first 5 years as a hobby blogger, and then I will be blogging on over here. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to keep blogging until I get it right.


  1. Sherry, well done heartfelt sentiments of the stream....I for one will miss it and sad to see it's demise but alas all things in life evolve or go extinct. I understand the reasoning behind the close and hope to see some more of the old guard here in the future...

  2. ah Yes, I remember that post. There were so many good posts and good times there.

  3. Wonderful post, Sherry.

    Congratulations on your blog-iversary.

    You say you're going to keep blogging 'til you get it right, but I think you've mastered the art. Don't let my praise discourage you from keeping on, though.


  4. TAB,

    It's an economic decision which as the wife of a business owner I fully understand. He made no money so he wasn't able to keep the equipment up to date.

    Actually, I don't care where I blog, but I do miss the spirit of fun we had there. It doesn't seem to be repeatable here for some reason.

  5. Bella,

    Hopefully there will be many good posts here in Blogger once everyone gets finished reposting their BS archives. LOL

    I'm not sure the fun aspect will be repeatable here. We seem not to be online at the same times anymore, and over here, I can't connect to a chat box at all. Someday when I'm older and grayer, I will be living in a senior building with CABLE. Then I'll be able to join in the fun. Uhhh, IF there's any fun to be had then.

  6. Paul,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I still have a whole raft of stinky opinions about everything under the sun so I shouldn't run out of things to blog about. Except for politics, I promised myself to stay out of that mess. Doing pretty good with that one if I do say so myself.

  7. Sherry, you are correct in so far is blogger is lacking in a few area's that the stream had.

    one is there is no index of blog titles or post titles so there is no way to find other blogs you may be interested in following, also you have no way to know if a stream blogger has moved here.

    the second is the fact that we don't get email notification if someone leaves a comment for us on the post....

    Blogger could take some suggestions from the stream about having a more intuitive format.

  8. TAB,

    I don't think that blogging is actually supposed to be as social as say Facebook or Twitter. Almost none of the tech bloggers or Pro bloggers even answer their comments.

    To find other blogs here, go to your dashboard, click on the tab Blogs of Note. An index of worthy blogs shows up. You can examine them and the sidebars of those blogs to find other blogs.

  9. Sherry:

    That is very clever the way you worked all the bloggers you like into a poem. Brought back many memories.

    It's the right poem in the right place at the right time.

  10. yeah I think you have it (blogging) down pretty good - but, do keep it up. Blogstream, eh? Kind of a neat place wasn't it?

  11. Thanks Whit,

    It seemed appropriate for both my continuing to blog and for the end of a blogsite.

  12. ice,

    Yeah, but pretty good doesn't necessarily mean right. LOL

    Blogstream was different than any other blogsite ever was or ever will be.

  13. Nice poem. I went back once or twice since March, sort of like driving through your old neighborhood after most of the people you know are gone. Bittersweet memories.

    On the other hand, the new neighborhood is not so shabby, and still a fair amount of old acquaintances are around. So life is still good.

  14. Skinny,

    I've only gone back to post this poem there. I haven't even answered the few comments I got there which is really rude of me.

    I like this place. It has advantages that we didn't have before. Blogstream was more about the connections, here I can concentrate on content. I'll get it right some day. LOL