Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Shoulda Left It On The Shelf

Invented in 1963 by the Ferrerro Company, those same dastardly people who bring us Ferrerro Rocher candy. It's been around awhile and I never have had any. That changed yesterday when, while getting my organic natural peanut butter, I grabbed a jar of it.

It's a hazelnut spread with a hint of chocolate according to the advertising. So, I'm thinking what's the harm? Something a little different on my organic whole wheat bread. I buy true whole wheat made by a baking company in Herkimer, NY. It's dense, no preservatives and after a day or two gets...well...dry. A little "healthy" spread to moisten it and I'm all set. Right?

Oh yeah! I'm all set. Suuuure I am.

A hint of chocolate? Right! Tastes just like Ferrarro Rocher candy. Yes indeed it does. I believe you could get small children to eat asparagus if you spread this stuff on it. It tastes like Heaven would if Heaven were something we could taste. It tastes like chocolate with a hint of hazelnut. And lots and lots of sugar. I am so in trouble here.

I can envision Nutella and banana sammiches. Strawberries dipped in Nutella. Pop tarts? Buy the unfrosted kind and Nutella them. Celery and Nutella. Oh, oh! Buy those nasty strawberry shortcake sponge cups, spread Nutella in the cup add strawberries and whipped cream. And I can't eat any of those things every day. *sigh*

After trying it on my wheat bread I promptly went to the cupboard and buried it on the top shelf that I need a foot stool to reach. It's behind the big bottles of vinegar and oil so I'll have some heavy lifting to do if I'm tempted.

I do peanut butter 3 times a week on that bread, I will replace that with Nutella once a week and only once a week. Which means giving up my once a week dish of ice cream. I mean to be healthy and to achieve that I have to make sacrifices. If I cheat and have more than one serving a week, I'll punish myself by taking an extra half hour walk up the hill with my new trekking pole. Doctor ordered me to use a trekking pole, I'm quite sure she won't like the Nutella, though. Still, being healthy is all about balance, and I can't get any more balanced than Nutella and a half hour walk with a trekking pole. My hip hurts just thinking about it. Maybe I need to reward it with some Nutella?


  1. you mean Nutella is not a health food? Who would've thunk?

  2. Bella,

    Dang it, it's NOT. I like it anyways. lol

  3. Yes, it's good stuff, but Nutella is definitely a "treat" food. Frankly, there's a lot of other "health" foods that should carry the same warning.

  4. Sherry:

    If your will weakens and you need someone to communicate with for the strength to resist temptation, I am always here. :)

  5. I'm a recovering nutella-holic. I'm 5 years nutella free. Cholesterol down sharply.

  6. I bet it's better for you than a Reese's cup...just sayin'.


  7. Sherry:

    That's all I need in my life.. another addictive substance to consume until I bloat.. ummm no Thanks.. White chocolate Peanut butter is rich enough and all the addiction I need, or don't need, I should say.

  8. HD,

    Yes, definitely a treat food. Have decided to use in on those dreaded Mondays. Not every Monday, just the ones that could use some extra help.

  9. Whit,

    Thanks for the offer, but I can rally up a surprising amount of will when I need to.

    Decided to save it for those Mondays from Hell that occur now and then. I don't have a lot of them, so the Nutella will be used as an extra special treat. Don't need it today, maybe next week, we'll see. ;)

  10. YF,

    I saw the error of my ways on the first bite. Nutella will not defeat me. LOL

  11. Paul,

    Not so sure about that. It has a lot of transfat to keep it at spreadable consistency. Reeses might actually be better, but I doubt it. LOL

  12. Scratch,

    I would tell you that you don't know what you're missing, but then there'd be two of us fighting the addiction. I'll leave you with your own demons and spend my time enjoying mine. ROFL

  13. Sherry,
    Now if you wanna kill off your tastebuds properly, I recommend Vegemite or Marmite. Kiwi and Aussie rumor has it that both are "good for you" while admitting both are "acquired tastes". I still haven't figured out where to go to acquire the taste though.

  14. Mister O,

    I have friends from Twitter in the UK. They extoll the virtues of both and feel badly that I don't have access to either. One of them gets quite upset when she runs out. From what others have told me, she should be thankful she did. LOL

  15. I never got into this, but my wife will buy it on occasion. A hard habit to break.

  16. Skinny,

    I've never tried it before. I'm standing firm on not eating much of it so I guess it's OK. I won't have to break a habit if I don't create one.