Friday, April 1, 2011

Can I Haz Lessons?

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I've arrived at Friday wishing I could do a TGIF dance. I'm too tired and I have to work tomorrow. Why did I agree to that? I grant that it's only for 2 hours, but then I have to go shopping for a grandbaby is having her first birthday party gift. After that I have laundry, and housework to do. Stuff that I normally do on Sunday when I have to work on Saturdays. Unfortunately this Sunday won't be available since that's the day of the party.

Maybe I'll feel better after a good nights sleep. Is it bedtime yet?


  1. Sherry:

    I think it's bedtime where you live. You better hit the sack now. :)

  2. Sounds like you'll have a busy week-end, for sure, kiddo.

    We'll keep a light on for ya...


  3. When you are hungry, eat; when you are tired, sleep. I don't suppose the time of day matters.

    Cute kitty.

  4. Whit,

    I took your advice and went to bed early. There is nothing more refreshing than a good nights sleep. :D

  5. Paul,

    Yes, it's been a busy day today and tomorrow will be a fun day. Grandbaby will only be a year old once in her life. I plan on enjoying it.

  6. John,

    Well, I slept, worked, shopped, ate, and did a few more things. You're right, time doesn't matter.