Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Mondays Aren't So Bad

A doctor's appointment I had last week got postponed until today. Of course, I figured it wouldn't go well since most of my Mondays don't. Imagine my surprise when the day went great including the doctor's pleasure at my progress. When something as dangerous as high blood pressure is being addressed without mainstream medications, it is necessary for her to keep track of what's happening. My appointments have been every 4 weeks and because of my remaining stable, I have been moved to 6 weeks.

We talked about the nutrition information site I emailed to her. I told her about finding a source of fresh eggs locally and I'm not sure that they're organic but they are free range. That I can attest to since I saw the chickens out and about. I was driving along at 55 mph and the rooster started running towards the road. I'm thinking OMG I'll hit it, but there is a fence there. PHEW! I can get grass fed beef there too. She's not enthusiastic about the beef, but admits it's better than buying from the chain grocery stores.

In her estimation, I am taking responsibility for my health and doing the right thing for myself. Including the cut in my work hours that I asked for. Two of my clients have been discharged by the county for noncompliance issues. I asked not to have more cases assigned to me right now since I needed to take some time for me. I have a To Do list that isn't getting anywhere with so many work and travel hours. I didn't realize how many hours I was actually tied up with work related tasks.

Company policy is that if we agree to work 30 hours a week we get $1 an hour more than they pay me right now. I was working twenty nine and a half and traveling four and a half. Which makes my working hours 34 per week. The catch is, the 30 hours has to be client care, not client care and travel time. I examined the agreement they propose to their employees and found that in any week I drop below 30 hours due to a client cancellation or an illness on my part, I HAVE to make those hours up or lose the $1 per hour "Incentive bonus". It's not a raise, it's a bonus, something they can take away at will.

This is an area where we have icy highways for quite a few months of the year. So, for that extra buck an hour I HAVE to drive on them to get to the clients even in dangerous conditions. Stressful? Oh, you betcha! Plus, they can give me clients that I have to drive up to 20 miles to and from. I DON'T THINK SO!

I'm taking my loss of 3.5 hours and working my 26 plus 4 hours travel which will give me enough money to pay the bills and have a few bucks for whatever. Part of reducing ones blood pressure is learning how to reduce stress and change how you deal with the stress you can't reduce. I've done pretty well with dealing with it, but I admit, it still kicks me in the butt.

I end up on Friday nights feeling like someone pulled the plug on my energy supply. My muscles all get sore and I begin to feel as if I'm coming down with something. A good nights sleep and I'm fine the next morning. It's like the doctor says, my body is saying ENOUGH. I should listen to it and I am deciding she's right. I'm over 60 with arthritis in my spine, hips and knees. That's a stress that I can't change, but I can reduce it by shortening my hours a little and spending more time with the stretching exercises I'm doing. All in all it wasn't a bad Monday, even if I did find out I'm getting old.


  1. I know you know...but no sodium, lots of leafy greens, and peanut butter....

  2. Sounds like the cut in hours makes a whole lot of sense. No point earning literally a few more bucks a week and killing yourself in the process. As an added bonus, it seems like we're getting more blog posts lately!

  3. You're not old, Sherry. Because if you are then I am - and I'm not, (except on every other Thursday when I have three big jobs in a row.) But I'm young again by Saturday...

  4. Sherry:

    In your case, get plenty of rest, eat right, and continue the stretching exercises.

  5. TAB,

    Yep, I knew that. And to be absolutely sure everything is working well, it would be best to find sources of organic leafy greens and peanut butter. LOL

  6. Skinny,

    Well, more blog posts will probably slow down soon. The TO Do list needs attention.

    It would be nice to see the extra few bucks in my pay, but not under the conditions imposed. As it is, they pay minimum wage for travel time. On my heavy travel days I'm working 7 hours with no breaks, and one of those hours is paid at state minimum. If we submit a request for a lunch break, we lose the travel time from the job prior to the break to the next job.

    Not having enough time for the right kind of lunch is contributing to my problem. Without the other two cases, I will reduce that problem to only 2 days a week with no lunch. There were 4 of those, so I'm farther ahead.

  7. John,

    Not old? Compared to what? I will be 62 in September, only 4 more years until retirement. If there's anything left to retire from. LOL

  8. Whit,

    Part of eating right is not skipping meals. Unfortunately with the hours I had, I was doing so 4 days a week. Now it'll only be 2. Plus, I will relieve the stress of a To Do list that isn't getting smaller.

  9. Take care of yourself Darlin'! That comes first! As for getting happens to all of us :D

  10. Amazing how many doctors came over from blogstream. Hang in there, we'll find a cure for ya.

  11. yeah, work can really take it out of you before you realize it. I've been working long hours too, something I am cutting back on myself. I often skip meals too, a big no-no. Hope you feel better.