Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Singing The New Blog Blues

I don't know why some icons do not take anyone to the blog the icon is attached to. All I can think of is that the owner isn't allowing the blog to be listed. Just because your blog shows in your profile doesn't mean it will show elsewhere in Blogger.

In your settings, the third entry is this question:

Add your blog to our listings?

There is a little box next to it that has an arrow. The box contains the words Yes and No. The arrow allows you to chose which response you want. Mine says Yes and the title of my blog shows up when you click my icon in your Followers widget. If that's not the problem, then I have no clue.

Also, Bella said this last week but I'm adding my voice to this. In all the time I've been here, I have never had a spam comment. All the word verification thing does is annoy people. Blogger has a spam filter these days which it didn't have back when I first joined.

On some of your blogs, the word verification thing is available when you write your comment. It depends on the blogger template you use. However, if it isn't set up the way Bookworm's or Whit's is then people leaving comments don't know they have to wait for it. Which means you never have the joy of reading it, because they think it's posted and they leave the scene of the crime without seeing it isn't there. I'd advise disabling the word verification on your blogs.

Scratch didn't get a comment from me because I forgot to wait for the verification thing and didn't realize it until I went back to see if he answered me and there was no comment from me there. It's up to you how you want to operate your comments, but there is another solution if you're concerned.

In Settings, under the tab Comments, there is an application for comment moderation that you can enable. This will allow you to see the comment prior to allowing it to post on your page. I'd suggest you use that if you're uncomfortable with an open comment forum. That way you won't lose a comment into the void and you have the power to file 13 any comment you don't like.

Blogger can be more complicated than Blogstream was. However, here we have more control of how our blogs look and what features we want to add. All the added features add to our confusion, but sooner or later we'll all figure it out together. It's just going to take time.


  1. Sherry:

    While I'm getting more and more comfortable with the way Blogger operates, I still find myself forgetting little things every once in awhile. things like you mentioned about waiting for the comment to show up, yeah I leave a few comments here and there but sometimes forget to wait to check if they posted. it will come, I believe it will just take a little more time for some than others. Some people are still having trouble posting pictures..

  2. Scratch,

    Sarge's trouble is his own computer blocking pop-ups according to Fringe. I had a problem Sunday with an image I'd downloaded to my computer from ICHC. It wouldn't post. There was a dot where the image should have been and clicking the dot took me to a page the pic was on. I haven't played with anything from Photobucket, that's going to be my next big adventure. LOL

    I don't know if I'm right about the failure to reach a blog from the icon thing, but it's the only thing I could think of. I guess we'll see.

  3. Hi,

    I'm really liking Blogger, myself. I hope everyone figures everything out.

    I just use the URL for my Photobucket pics, Sherry. Works pretty good.


  4. I'd like to use whatever widget you're using to create the "My Treasures" sidebar. That was a default feature of Blogstream, and it made navigating easy. Also, I'd like to explore ways to create outside links. I have more success with HTML here than I did at BS, but... I need a widget. Yes, I need a widget. We all need widgets. All you need is widgets...

  5. Sherry:

    I agree that Blogger is more complicated than Blogstream; but as you said, the result is that you have more control over your blog. I am growing more comfortable with Blogger every passing day.

    I am still attempting to find out how to post a link in my blog and how to post a YouTube video in the comments section. I have tried to follow the instructions given in Blogger without success.

  6. Sherry:
    I made the change you suggest here to the comment, and I followed Scratch's instructions about the icon troubles. Thanks to both of you for the help.

  7. Paul,

    I guess for the ICHC cat pics, I'll have to use Photobucket. Everything else has uploaded to Blogger and posted directly from my pic file on my computer.

  8. Squabs,

    That is a Link List, found in the add a gadget features on your design page. I didn't use a Blog Roll because I wasn't sure how that worked.

    You can title your link list anything you like and, of course, you have to add all the links. You can also give the links any names you want and they don't have to be Blogger blogs.

  9. Whit,

    It takes time and can be frustrating when something happens that is beyond our knowledge.

    Most of what I know, if I know anything, I figured out by myself. Some one of these days I'll watch a Blogger tutorial and find out I've been doing it all wrong all this time. LOL

  10. Fringe,

    I added my voice to Bella's on the comment thing because I forgot to wait for the verification and I know better. Imagine what it must feel like for someone who doesn't realize it's there?

    Glad Skinny got the icon thing figured out. It didn't occur to me because my Blogger account is tied to my gmail account so I'm auto linked just by logging into Blogger. Never realized that it made a difference.