Saturday, March 12, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

At first, I wasn't going to blog anyplace. Then I realized what I'd be losing if I didn't. First off, there's the title of my original Blogstream blog. It was chosen when I started blogging on April 26, 2006. One month after my Mom died. I'm not nearly as upset by the loss of the blog itself as I was with the loss of the title. Much of what kept me in Blogstream has changed, but the title is my tribute to my Mom and has a meaning to me that others might not fully understand. Honestly, sometimes I don't understand it either.

I created this blog in 2008, in anger actually. The original title was "Gawd Dang Lucky Frogs They Eat What Bugs Em". It was meant to be a place for me to vent my anger, and I had anger. I discovered that anger doesn't make for a great blog. Not that my Blogstream blog was all that great a blog. It had it's moments of lucidity amidst the insanity that was me.

I began to panic over losing the title two days after I knew that Blogstream would close on April 30. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but then I remembered this dormant blog. One whole post in 2010. I started thinking things through and decided that I would continue blogging here. With my Mom watching over me since I brought her title here.

This isn't going to be any greater a blog than version 1 was. I will make one serious change. There will be no political posts here. Those I will reserve for my friend Egaladeist's blog site

This blog will be a journey of sorts. Call it my journey into health and sanity. My sanity, which is something my grip on is tenuous some days. Posts will be about the things I'm learning from my doctor. The lifestyle changes I'm making. My job and the people I meet during the course of the day. My cat Butterscotch will be featured prominently, as always. Which reminds me that I want to go find the pink mouse in Hubby's undershorts post from my soon to be dead and gone blog. Hey! Strange things happen in this house, trust me on that.

Most of my favorite posts from Blogstream have been either archived as drafts, or posted here. I might repost them from time to time. They should be good for a few laughs on those days when life kicks me in the teeth. Who knows? If I keep blogging maybe I really will find that raindrops do make things beautiful. At least, on a blog they can't stop me from having some fun. I'm a girl, I just like fun.


  1. Ahh blogging about sanity, I'd blog about that too if I had any to begin with.. good to see you didn't give it up.. I'm still busy moving content over, I have a lot of work to do. once I get it mostly done then I will start posting again here and on Wordpress. I have one on Tumblr too but thats kinda just connected to my Twitter account. good to see you will still be blogging though Sherr!

  2. My computer doesn't seem to be having fits about this place like it used to. That helped me make the decision as well. I don't have the time to devote to more than one blog so I'll see how it goes.

    I'm kind of liking the idea that my Twitterbuds will be able to comment here if they choose to do so. Wordpress also has that ability, Tumblr doesn't. Also, my granddaughter has a Tumblr account and I don't want her reading any blog I write. It's that insanity thing, ya know? LOL

    If I get spammed a lot I'll start comment moderation, but I don't expect too much traffic here so I can't see the need for it.

  3. It's funny, Sherry, but I was kinda thinking along the same lines for my own blogger blog.

    That is if I ever start posting again...


  4. Paul, There's been many changes in my life in the past few months. Some of them out of necessity since my blood pressure went sky high.

    All those New Age posts I did when I was trying to calm myself down back in the day, lead to a belief that the medical field was missing something and I got lucky enough to find a doctor who believes that the body will heal itself if given the right tools.

    My life is becoming all about whole foods, organics and reducing the toxins in my body through the use of nutraceuticals and a proper healthy lifestyle. I've lost 22 pounds without even really trying. There should be some interesting and maybe funny blog posts in there somewhere. Ummm, like maybe one about the fact that feces isn't supposed to have an odor? LOL