Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's My Chair...Well...Sometimes.

Back in 2007 when we moved everything to our present location, we also moved the location of my computer. Finally it was off the dining room table and installed in what could be termed a rightful place. However, I was still using a kitchen chair as my seat. My Christmas gift that year was a trip to Staples to pick out a computer chair. One that was ergonomically correct and first and foremost...comfortable. Back then I was still spending a great deal of time sitting on my butt in front of it, so comfort was a major concern. I bought a large brown microfiber chair commonly called an executive chair. It has the lower back support in the correct position for when I wish to lean back and read.

Back in 2007, our resident kitty was Bashful. She was a well behaved kitty who only used the chair when I wasn't in it. Butterscotch, on the other hand, thinks it's his. Once in it, he will not give it up. I've tried sitting on him and he will not move. He, is a 13 pound cat, I am an extra large human. I have no desire to squash him flatter than a pancake, he has that figured out and holds his position. I can't leave this chair for a minute without him making himself at home in it.

If I bodily move him, by picking him up and setting him down on the floor, he jumps up to the keyboard tray and sits on the keyboard. When bodily removed from that place, he jumps up and stands on the desk directly in front of the monitor. I can get back to what I'm doing faster if I just move the chair he's in over to the other side of the room and bring that chair over here. That chair is Hubby's $15 garage sale find. It's not as big as mine and is made of fake leather which makes it cold and clammy to sit on. It doesn't have the lower back support that mine does. And I sit on it while Butterscotch takes a bath, or a nap in mine. If by some strange happenstance I do manage to win the argument, I am kept up all night long by a kitty who wants to play. Before you tell me to close the bedroom door, we've tried it. If the door is closed, he will use the hallway as a handball court by batting his mice against the door.

WHAT AM I...NUTS? I almost spend more time playing musical computer chairs with a 13 pound cat than I do using my computer. I don't have that kindof time to waste. At the moment, I am using my own big brown chair while the cat is distracted by something outside. He is turning his head towards me periodically to see if I'm moving anything besides my fingers. I'm not, at the moment, but will be in a few minutes. Once I remove myself from this chair, he will place his little butt in it and I will be out of luck.

I have figured out the only way to have full posession of MY executive chair is to find another home for Butterscotch. That would reduce my monthly expenditures equal to the cost of cat food, kitty litter and toilet paper. Oh yeah, he still steals toilet tissue, and any paper product not placed beyond his reach. I would then have my chair all to myself...and my home would feel empty. No more paper bits stuck all over the place...and no more warm bundle of purring fur to soothe my jangled nerves when I need to relax. On second thought...I'll keep him.


  1. But.. Mommy.. He wuvs You!! I'm not laughing.. Honestly.. no really I'm not.

  2. Scratch,

    Really strange thing, after I posted this I went and did something else. A whole hour and he never touched the chair. He wuvs me! :D

    One thing I really miss right now is those dang emoticons. LOL

  3. this sounds exactly like Fuzz. He does the same thing to me; right now he is behind me in my own dang chair! I guess I'll take my butt upstairs to bed! another day, another fight for the chair! LOL...lately he's been tearing up any piece of paper he finds in the floor cause he gets mad? uhmm...I don't know why he is doing it otherwise.

  4. Sherry:

    I think you are right. It takes a 13-pound cat named Butterscotch to make a house a home. :)

  5. I stand when I write because I drop off to sleep whenever I sit for long periods. The cat died a few years ago, and I haven't replaced him - Muzzlehatch was his name (which may be what killed him.) He liked my leather reclining reading chair - that is, the chair couldn't read but I would read in the chair (while dropping off). I found it on the roadside. It was in perfect shape. The chair, I mean.

  6. Bella,

    Some cats just like to tear up paper. It seems to be a trait of orange cats. Mine will sit inside a box ans bite the edges and keep tearing off pieces of it until he's broken the box right down. I guess they like the popping sound of tearing paper and cardboard.

    And I'm writing to you from Hubby's chair. Mine is occupied by cat. I lost again. LOL

  7. Whit,

    I can't speak for other's homes, but apparently mine needs a 13 pound cat named Butterscotch. Even Hubby says it was empty without him. Which is how we got him so soon after Bashful died.

  8. John,

    Leather chair that doesn't read found on side of road and favorite place for snoozing Muzzlehatch's. Got it. I think.

  9. Butterscotch apparently has his humans well trained.....Maybe you give up and look for another good chair.

  10. Skinny,

    At some point we will be replacing Hubby's garage sale find with a better chair. It seems that fake leather gets pinpricks from cat claws.

    Butterscotch enjoys sitting on the back of that chair to play with the hair of whoever is sitting in it. LOL