Friday, March 11, 2011

Couldn't Wait

The more I thought of it, the better I liked the idea of a name change for this blog. Suddenly didn't want to wait until May 1 to do it and yet, didn't want to create too much confusion over 2 blogs with the same name. So RMTB2 was born.

Working on deciding whether I want to choose a new template. I'm liking the one I have now, so we'll see. Maybe something new will appeal.

As you can see something did appeal. I guess I'm done decorating. Now, if I could only find a topic to post about. Oh well, there's a lot of time to do that.


  1. Hey, Butterose,

    I like it...I like the template too ( don't change it ). But get rid of that ugly nav-bar...

    #Navbar1 {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;

    if that doesn't work use this one:

    #navbar-iframe {

  2. Place either code before the /head tag

  3. And I updated your profile pict on TAZ to this site ;)

  4. Thanks for the look see. I'm apparently tech challenged to the max today. Neither of your codes worked. Ummmm, maybe it's the idiot between keyboard and chair?

  5. Replace the code

    style type="text/css">#navbar-iframe { display:block }

    with my code.

  6. I just read ALL of the html code for the template. Navbar isn't part of the template. It's a Blogger thing. Template is a designer thing.

  7. Hey, Sherry!

    It's wayfarer here. I stumbled across your link on Whit's blog.

    I've resurrected an old Blogger blog as well in light of the impending demise of the stream, and I have put you onmy "follow" list.

    peace n' Reese's

  8. I saw this icon with these 2 pugs in it. Had a feeling they were Jessie and Skeeter. I am happy to see the both of them. LOL. And their human companion.

    It's not the stream, but I'm content to find a few stream friends.