Friday, March 18, 2011

Hard Work Makes Me Hungry

Two days of gorgeous, gorgeous weather and I'm one happy camper. Of course it's going to change to something worse I imagine. It's soon enough for me to welcome Spring, but it is still only March. I'm almost afraid to listen to the weather report, it's probably going to say something I don't like.Yep, I was right, Weatherman Mike just said that four letter word and it wasn't rain.

A trip to the doctors yesterday went very well. She got a kick out of my effort at making Chili from scratch, even laughed when I admitted we ate pizza. She didn't even say "don't eat that" as I expected. I like that any questions I have about something I'm considering will get answered. It's not always easy understanding the labels of all the foods we consume. And the government guidelines don't help any.

I happened to mention that we changed our margarine again from one that says it's transfat free to one that appears to really be free of partially hydrogenated oil. I asked her why they can say it's free of transfats when it contains partially hydrogenated oil. That's transfat. She explained that the government allows a certain percentage of transfat in their 0 grams of transfat advertising guidelines. Those guidelines applied to almost everything we eat are the reason why she doesn't insist on buying organic this time of year to new patients. Much of what we buy in the stores isn't fully organic.

She has a list of local NYS places where we can buy organic goods in season. The idea is that we should plan ahead and buy in bulk and freeze it ourselves. These farms offer a discount for those buying in bulk. There's a co-op of true organic growers here. I'm looking forward to the exploration of these places, but it won't be until late summer to early autumn. In the meantime we can save the money to make the bulk purchases. I know I pass one of the farms on her list 3 times a week driving to a client. That is the local source for organic eggs, stopped to make a purchase on my way home tonight and was pleasantly surprised that the eggs weren't a whole lot more expensive than what we all ready buy in the grocery store.

My challenge is going to be to get these healthier foods past Hubby. He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy and I can't get him to try anything made with whole grains. No brown rice, no whole wheat bread. He isn't willing to try a wide variety of vegetables, although he does like greens. I have managed to get him to try and actually like turkey burgers. When grilling season comes, I can see if I can get a few more new items by him. Otherwise I'll be doing twice the work to cook. That may not be a bad thing because everything we actually expend effort on causes us to burn calories. The more work I manage to do, the more weight I'll lose. Can't argue with that.


  1. Sherry:

    I have a solution. You lose more weight by cooking more, and Hubby loses more weight by eating the more healthful foods you prepare. :)

  2. Yes, Sherry, food labels are by far the most confusing pieces of literature in the world. Government agencies don't do much to help either.

    As far as the healthy food thing goes, I've got a great cookbook called "Double Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld. She puts/sneaks/inserts vegetable purees into regular dishes, desserts, snacks, etc. Might be a place to start - I can give you more info.


  3. happy Friday Sherry! its good you live close to experience an organic co-op, not much around here in appalachia...LOL

  4. Whit, I need to lose the weight, Hubby doesn't. As a matter of fact, he could stand to gain a few pounds. I wonder if I can manage that? LOL

  5. HD, Hubby will eat a lot of different veggies, he just won't eat more than one at a meal unless it's a soup or stew. I would love to try things like grilled portobello mushrooms unfortunately, I'd be cooking for me and then something else for him. Stubborn, but my doctor said that he might come around as I get healthier.

  6. Bella, Some of these places aren't as close as I'd like, but they'll be fun drives on a Sunday in the Fall. In the meantime, as much fresh produce as I can get is in order. Better than canned by far.

  7. I seem to lose more weight when I eat fresh veggies and more chicken than I do when I eat red meat and taters.. and lately I been eating heavy heavy doses of greens and carrots, as well as fresh green beans, brussel sprouts and broccoli. one question though, I don't exactly get the difference between fresh veggies and Organic? naturally grown without pesticides and chemicals I'm guessing?

  8. Scratch, Yes organic is supposed to be naturally grown without chemical insecticides or fertilizers. Cow manure in it's natural state as part of the compost is fine. A true organic farmer doesn't get the yield that other growers get. Hence the higher price.

    I bought a bunch of "organic" bananas last week, and they actually tasted better than fresh bananas. They didn't become overripe as quickly either. After that experience I am wondering if some sort of growth hormone isn't being added along with the fertilizer. How else would one account for the faster ripening process?

  9. Losing weight is not a problem for me. Actually, I need to gain a lot of weight.

    Guess that gives me a free pss to eat more Reese'

  10. Paul, Oh sure...rub it in. LOL

    I'm going to treat myself to a Reese's sometime this weekend. I've earned a little treat, even the doctor said so. :D

  11. Sherrrrrrry!!

    "Weatherman Mike just said that four letter word and it wasn't rain."
    Did he say the four letter word was gonner be in NY? huh? Did he? who is this MIKE guy?? huh? whozat? I wonna talk to this guy! dammit its Snowing outside! dammit dammit dammit... ummmm. no.. Im ok.. no I'm good.. really.. oh and by the way- if PaulV wants to GAIN some weight., tell him he can have some of mine if he wants it

  12. I think I occasionally eat. I can't remember doing it yet today. Perhaps I ought to amend that. I know several organic farmers who cannot get organic certification because of their physical proximity to a place where pesticides and other forbidden stuff is used. It's too bad for them because their product is good, and selling up and relocating isn't easily done. So they market themselves as organic without using the word - in various ways. This became necessary because of the certification process. Before that, they were organic.

    For me, as long as it's yummy... or transyummy...

  13. Scratch,

    Weatherman Mike is one of our local TV channel weathermen. He had it wrong here, maybe he was looking at the computer model for Nevada?

    It's only March, better weather is on it's way, we just have to have patience. Really...honest...would I lie to you?

  14. John, part of the problem with organic is that there is the others who do business in close proximity who are using forbidden chemicals. Those tend to spread into other areas. Too bad for those who do try to grow organically.

    To me, it isn't an issue, preparing meals from foods in their natural state is enough. I do agree that having foods free of toxic chemicals is better, but I don't believe it's entirely possible. I live in the real world.