Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Op, 1955

Granny loved to take pictures of her oldest grandchild. She had one of those box Brownies that were so popular back in the day. This would be the only picture existing of Mom, Dad and Me together. Funny how I never realized just how much I really looked like Dad. Mom's coloring, and everything else was Dad's. I'd have druther looked like Mom, she was beautiful.

Notice the fancy footwear on me? Brown oxfords which I was stuck wearing until long after the divorce. Dad flat would not allow me to wear the ever popular Mary Jane except for church on Sundays. I wanted a pair with the swivel ankle strap that would allow me to wear it strapped or pushed back behind the heel to create a pump. Patent leather preferably. Never got them.

Thanks to Dad's insistence on oxfords, I never got the hang of wearing high heels. Which is probably OK since with Dad's genetics, they wouldn't have done a damn thing for my legs. Oh well, he did want a boy.


  1. It's a wonderful photo, Sherry!

    I'll have to dig up some kid pics of me...


  2. Just saw the Love is cartoon on your sidebar. Funny!

    Interesting how many boys have features from their Mom's side of family and girls from the Dad's.

  3. Those old photogrpahs become more priceless with the passing of each year.

  4. My sons don't have any idea what a shoe horn is. Of course, growing up on Long Island we took advantage of the most plentiful resource of the area and wore ducks. Walking was a noisy affair, and we ended up in water no matter where we started out from.

  5. Paul, I went through a spell of posting pics on BS after my cousin Debbie shared Grannie's pics with me. She gave me all of the ones that I appeared in. LOL

    I had this one posted there, and didn't want to waste it.

  6. Skinny, Dad had the stronger genetics. My 2 brothers and I look alike even though we have different mothers. I'm the odd one out and the oldest and look the most like Dad. I have twice had total strangers stop me and ask if I was his child. That's spooky.

  7. Whit, they're hard to preserve too. Since the more advanced understanding of how to keep them wasn't around then, they've resided in many a shoebox. After uploading them back in 2006, they're stored in acid free envelopes. And they're online. Permanently preserved for future generations who have no idea who these people are. LOL

  8. John, no ducks for me, always brown oxfords. He did break down when I turned 13 and allowed me a pair of pale green Hush Puppy's. Suede no less, but they had to be oxford style. LOL

  9. Sherry, Hi_This is like old home week. I've not been doing my usual for a long time.... whatever that means, and then John reappeared.... just as I was slacking in other areas, but getting ready to open up in new territories.
    Sounds like I'm some big deal...not.
    I just got too political with just minimal writing... but _
    This looks like real life. This is real life... and just looking over the congregation. It looks like the new church of the social engagement.
    Custom fit to our true choices_To just continue being, who we are... changing as we go.
    You do realize this is the next page of the great awakening.
    It feels good to believe that all the work we did together was meant for the greater world.
    I don't know what the music is playing in the background, but I should investigate. It is really in the vein of my mental sphere _ At the moment.
    I am 62 today and I was rummaging and reading in your blogs. delightful stuff... my friends.
    I'm bit of a hermit. Backtracking. I kept track on a hit and miss basis, never knowing if I would be back.

    This is major trance music...I must have clicked on something over at YouTube Rastafarian ximbo goa goa...trance. Love hugs...TrRt

  10. Sherry, A picket fence, haven't seen one of those for a while.

  11. TTR, Great to see you, we Blogstreamers have to stick together.

    The music on my widget is a mix of New Age and modern jazz. I discovered I liked it when I was looking for something to calm me down. It's supposed to make you feel content and relaxed so maybe trance would be a good label for it.

    I'll be 62 in Sept. Recently, due to a sudden spike in my blood pressure began a journey into health. I suspect that it's going to be a long one and hopefully will yield a few interesting blog posts.

  12. Fringe, Granny's picket fence existed only at the back of her property to separate her yard from that of a side road neighbor. Eventually my Uncle bought the property and they installed a gate.

    Both Granny and my Uncle are gone, but the picket fence still exists and is in good condition.