Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butterose, The 140 Character Smart Ass Side Of Me

Sometimes I don't have anything that I can use as content for a blog. Sometimes what's on my mind can be expressed best in one or two short sentences. Which is what my Twitter account is for. My life has become so full that I barely find the time for Twitter, which is fine. However, once in awhile I check my profile to see that my tweets say about me what they should say. I surprise myself sometimes when I read what I've posted. Most of my posts in Twitter are in response to what others are saying, sometimes they're links to what I'm reading or posting on my blog. I couldn't use the name Sherry in Twitter as it is all ready taken in all of it's forms, so I finally chose the name Butterose. I couldn't use 2 r's in it because someone else, no longer posting, has used it.

The following are 10 tweets I've posted within the past month that are just what was on my mind at the moment. Little incidents or news notes that captured my mind for the moment. Somewhere in there resides a germ of an idea for an entire blog post. It's probably the battle over the "executive" chair or maybe the "Hoomans are silly" tweet. We'll see what develops, won't we?

My warm bundle of purring fur says "Hoomans are silly, they don't know enough to avoid company they do not like".

I come over here knowing I have absolutely nothing of importance to say. I say things anyway. ;)

Ok, cat and I are having a battle over the "executive" chair. I'm an adult, he weighs 12 pounds. Why is he winning? ;)

Seems to me that Huckabee hasn't learned the first rule of holes. When you're in one stop digging!

Seems to me that since John McCain let the Palindora out of Alaska, he should be the one to put her back in and CLOSE THE DAMN LID!

Cat was kicking up a fuss at window. Looked to see a big ass skunk wandering through the yard. I nodded and told cat that's just Gov. Walker

I keep questioning the sanity of voters who elected Michelle Bachmann to Congress. Then I remember they voted for Jessie Ventura as governor

Everything we say doesn't have to have importance. Sometimes we need to remember life has it's silly moments.

Hey, if Hollywood ever makes a movie about Ghaddafi, they should cast Charlie Sheen in the lead. Bwahahahahah!

Now we can buy Girl Scout Cookies with credit cards. I'd be happy about that if a Girl Scout EVER knocked on my door to sell me some.


  1. Sherry:

    YOU?? a.... a.... a..*gasps* A SMARTASS?? hmmmm... No I don't believe it! say it isn't so... (Insert ROTFL emoticon here. x10 )

  2. Sherry:

    If one is particularly adept at spinning one-liners, then Twitter is an ideal place to go. :)

  3. Scratch,

    Ummmm, look whose talking. You aren't exactly Mr. Sweetness and Light over there either. To be honest, there's been a time or two that I've nearly sprayed coffee into my keyboard reading your tweets.

  4. Whit,

    Sometimes I am capable of spinning one liners, but other times, my mind just doesn't work the way I'd like it to.

    What surprises me is when the people one associates with the comedic genre just can't seem to do anything but bomb. The only exception I've found is John Fugelsang's political tweets. He's good, real good.

  5. Sherry:

    The new theme suits you.. nice choice.

  6. Oh so you're Butterose. I haven't used Twitter to its full potential yet - whatever that may be. I post links, mainly. I was on Facebook for about 5 minutes but my only friends were my wife and the Princess; everybody else I knew personally had lost interest in it. I figured fot those two friends I'm a phone call away. You and my other computer friends can always find me here. So what's the use of so much redundancy? Your list of tweets, however, inspires me to try my hand at it.

  7. I signed up for Twitter a long time ago and never once tweeted anything.

    I post little quips on Facebook from time to time.

    I'd rather have a blog, though.


  8. Scratch,

    The new theme has raindrops, that makes up for the dark background that I'm not sure I really like. I'll keep it for awhile and see.

  9. John

    Unless you have people following you, no one sees the links. That's the thing about Twitter, only those people who follow you see what you post. And then, when people following you follow thousands of others, you get lost in the shuffle.

    To me it's like a big cocktail party where you can converse with or learn from others. Some people are fun, some rather self important. I just follow those that interest me and don't worry about those that follow me.

  10. Paul

    Little quips are OK, socializing is OK, but I prefer the blog form.

    When it comes to real life family and friends, I'd rather pick up the phone to keep in touch. I don't need Facebook for that. Twitter is a source for what's happening for me, both in the news and the pop culture of our society.