Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Less Thinking About Doing And More Doing

The program was a positive experience for me. My numbers improved. While my cholesterol wasn't high to start out with the ratio between HDL ad LDL needed improving. That happened as a result of the program. My glucose levels also went down. Total weight loss was 5 pounds, body fat was down by 3%. My yeast overgrowth lessened which shows as a lack of coating on my tongue, a lack of itchy blotches on my face as well as a drop in my sedimentation rate.

My purchase of the Earth Shoes intrigued her. She knows the benefits of wearing them. It never occurred to her that I was aware of the negative heels and the improvement I can gain in posture and lack of stress on my knee and ankle joints. We had a laugh over my statement that learning to walk in them when you're 25 is a far cry from doing the same thing at 66. When I pick up speed, I walk on the balls of my foot rather than the heel to toe which the shoes encourage. It's an awkward feeling that will improve since I wear them almost exclusively except around the house when I go barefoot.

When I was asked what my chosen goal was going to be I answered that it was to learn to be consistent in my physical activity and food choices. She suggested that I make a list of tasks that I wish to accomplish each day and then check them off when I do them. She feels that doing the list will help me pace myself so I'm not doing so much I hurt and then find I need too long to recover. This interferes with my ability to lose weight at the caloric intake she has assigned to me. She also suggested I try a wider variety of vegetables. I eat mostly green veggies and she tells me there are other colors out there.

She is pleased with my diligence in completing the program and with the things I improved and learned as a result of the program. Most important to me is that I feel the program has put me in a good place and given me the tools I need for continued improvement. Now it's just a matter of following up on what I've learned to continue the growth necessary to reach my goal of being in health.


  1. I had to laugh about the green vegetables and her comment that there are other colors. I used to eat mostly green vegetables up until a couple of years ago when I rediscovered beets, which I hated as a child so would not touch once I was able to pick my own food. Now I absolutely love them. They are very good added to salads. I eat more carrots now too, but only raw baby carrots. I still don't care for cooked carrots. Also, red and yellow bell peppers are really good. I dip them in hummus mixed with a bit of olive oil.

    It sounds like this has been a very positive experience for you and you are on your way to better health.

    Good Job Sherry !!

    1. I like carrots and beets and red and yellow bell peppers, it's the eggplant she suggested that I'm having a problem with. And avocado. I do not like avocado and she's suggesting I use it in place of mayo. I'll die for sure.