Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 7 Reflections

Didn't get to the lawn and garden places due to rain and a rather raw wind. I did laundry and dusted the book shelves instead. It began to bother me that I couldn't remember how long since the last time I removed the books to get at the shelves. Something meant to be a joke turned into a catalyst for some additional activity here today.

Activity for the day included 2 loads of laundry, changing of the bed linens, dusting, preparation and clean up after the serving of 3 meals since my husband was home all day and my morning yoga. That isn't something I was doing before, but I have to say on Day 7 that there is some kind of change which may have something to do with the yoga.

One of my Facebook friends, Jackie, started yoga quite some time ago and she's posting pictures of some of the advanced asanas that she can do and even though she's overweight, that woman can hold her entire body off the floor while it's in a pose. She started out at 60 pounds overweight and is now down 30 pounds. And she is amazingly strong. She's at least 20 years younger than I am but age isn't a drawback when it comes to yoga. I'm also wondering whether or not the meditation aspects of it will help me stay on track.

Due to the problem with my hip, I can't sit in the lotus pose so I have to start standing up, but in just 7 days I find myself able to do more of the poses than I could a week ago. I'll get a new link from the doctor next Friday to a different yoga video to be added to the poses I'm doing now. I don't believe my arthritic shoulders will allow me to lift my own body weight but you never know.

I also decided that since I am doing this for my health, I'm going to not set a goal weight and just work on the health improvement aspect. My friend Jeannie asked me how I'll know when I'm there and I told her I believe my blood pressure will come down and stay down when I've achieved a better state of health. And maybe that should be my goal. Maybe that's why I've never managed to stick to a program of healthy eating. Maybe I've been too focused on my weight rather than my health.


  1. I think you have a good idea there, to do this for your health and not for weight loss, though I imagine some weight loss will occur, it won't be your focus because that darned scale can be so discouraging . Keep going girl !

    1. I need to make this work. If I do what I'm supposed to then the weight will drop off. I have to find something to do to keep me moving after I've done my exercising. Doesn't help me to sit in front of the computer all day.