Monday, May 23, 2016

At Day's End

Last day of the program and I made it. I'll find out tomorrow how well this worked for me. Had the blood work done Thursday morning so she'd have the results at tomorrows appointment. Whether I've achieved what I'm supposed to have remains to be seen but I have learned a few things. I'm going to continue to follow the program on my own. I feel better, there's less pain in my joints. I'm also calmer which is a good thing since our plans had a major monkey wrench thrown into them and now we don't know if we have enough money to develop the property we bought.

I was wondering if that might have something to do with not being online as much. At first I dismissed that because I don't really pay enough attention to my use to be able to say I'm online less. Today in my email there was a notice from my provider that I had been restored to full speed since I was using less. I guess that answers my usage question. Whether it answers the question or not of being calmer because of less usage remains to be seen. It is more likely to be the yoga since that's meditative in nature but the lack of internet aggravation can't hurt.

The daily keeping of the journal fizzled out somewhat these past days. I actually transferred what I was thinking to a composition book since some of it was painful to me. I found I didn't want prying eyes reading what I was thinking and feeling. Blogging by it's nature doesn't lend itself well to privacy. I found I needed privacy.

After today I am free to resume consumption of the foods that were to be omitted completely while on the program. I may add them back but not for regular consumption. This week there will be cake and ice cream since my husband's 68th birthday is Wednesday and when the Amish resume their Saturday morning bake sales I might stop and buy some of Mrs Yoder's World's Best Sugar Cookies. That won't happen every week, I surprisingly didn't miss the sweets, bacon on the other hand has been calling my name for the last week.

I may have a bacon and egg breakfast on Sunday with white bread toast. And I may just have them with Ezekiel bread. I just know that there will be 3 slices of crispy bacon residing in my tummy some time this weekend. Whatever else goes down with that remains to be seen.

The birthday boy and his little buddy seem to have the need for a nap. I had the air conditioner on earlier and it blows directly onto the couch which made him cold. I shut it off. 

This is my little buddy wondering where the food is. He likes a little bacon now and again too. 


  1. I am online much less than in many years and I know I feel better albeit I would not have tagged it a feeling calmer.

    Congrats to your successes and especially to the body/joints feeling better. I am happy for you!!

    1. Maybe peaceful would have been a better word. Less negativity exposure and I know I'm developing a more positive attitude.

      Plus side to this program is it reduced a yeast overgrowth which reduced inflammation in my body and by extension in my joints.

      And the Kalso Earth Shoes I bought are helping because they teach me to place body weight on my heels which improves posture and reduces stress on my knees.

  2. Wow, that went by fast, at least for me haha. It's great that you were able to stick to it and that some positive changes were made that make you want to keep going on your own.

    I don't blame you for switching to a paper journal for some of what you wrote. Sometimes it is better not to share and to write just for ourselves . I do it quite often actually.

    I'm sorry to hear you may not be able to do what you want with the property. Hope you can find a way though.

    The kitty is so cute !

    1. She said this morning that my cooperation with the program produced the best result as far as the numbers and in learning to use the tools she provided. Her only criticism was that I needed to be more adventurous in my veggie choices. I tend to favor green veggies and forget the other colors.

      The town is backing down. It seems the state gave them a call to find out if the town had passed zoning codes that were more stringent than the state code since they could not find any record that they had done so.

      We need an engineers design for a concrete pad over gravel with footers and tie downs. A copy must be filed with the town, however, without prior codes in place the town has NO right to refuse unless the property is in an area where no mobile homes are allowed. It's not, so once we have the plans they get to issue the permits and shut up about it. We got a line of credit at the bank to cover the possible difference in cost.

    2. That is wonderful ! Both on the numbers and on the town backing down. :-)