Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 10 And Still Sticking With It

I'm in the dog house with the cats today. They were trying to nap and I was in the mood to do things and I seem to have disturbed them more than they liked. I was just cleaning the kitchen and sweeping and mopping floors. Ok, I will admit that I had the Sirius XM channel 70s on 7 a bit louder than I normally do and I was tripping the light fantastic with my partner the broom, but still. They didn't need to try to knock me down to stop me. They have no sense of humor.

I was greeted this morning by an email from the EarthShoe company I ordered from. They said my shoes were shipped yesterday so this means that sometime between the 9th and the 13th my shoes will be here. I'm so pumped about it and I had a brief fear that they won't be as comfortable as I remember my 70s pair were. It was lunch time so I checked the recommendations from people who own these shoes and they were all positive so since the shoes were getting 5 stars I decided to shove the bad thoughts out of my mind.

I wasn't all that hungry at lunch so I just grabbed some veggies like cukes, green peppers and cherry tomatoes along with a nice scoop of Roasted Garlic Hummus and went to dipping away. I was going to have some cheddar cheese with it but I was full when I finished the veggies. I left the cheese for a mid afternoon snack.When I finished lunch I shut the computer off and picked up a book. That occupied me until it was time to go pick up the neighbor and his dog to drive them to the Animal Hospital for Chino's wellness visit. Took my book with me and sat in the car reading.

Tomorrow or Friday I'm going to the health food store to pick up rolled oats and chia seeds. I'm going to try those overnight oats recipes I keep seeing online. Put it together in a half pint mason jar at night, pop it into the fridge overnight and eat it the next morning. I can warm it up in the microwave or eat it right out of the fridge. I hadn't been overly interested in trying them because there is so much sugar in most of the ones I've seen. And who wants chocolate for breakfast? My DIL emailed me some recipes that don't use a lot of sugary things so now I'm interested in what they might taste like.

I'm going to try using vanilla yogurt instead of the plain which means I won't need the honey or maple syrup or the teaspoon of jam some of them call for. I can add the oats, milk, chia seed, yogurt and whatever cut up fruit and chopped nuts I want and just let it do it's thing overnight. Sure beats having to cook the oats for the required 20 or so minutes every morning. And without all that sugar and starchy carbs that I usually consume, my joints have been feeling much better these past couple of days. I could get really used to that in a hurry.


  1. I'm picturing you dancing with the broom. That made me smile. Your words even "sound" like you are feeling better. :-) I eat veggies and hummus a lot for lunch and it keeps me full too. One of these days you should get some pots and plant cherry tomatoes. Nothing better than going out and picking your own straight from the bush to have with your hummus. I'm proud of you for sticking with this. Maybe you have found the way to better health now my friend !

    1. It's been raining pretty much every day for most of this week. My joints hurt some but I do feel better. a lot better actually.

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