Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 12 Weigh In

My weight stayed the same, but the doctor has the kind of scales that also measures body fat. That came down. All that dancing with the broom must have used up some fat. My blood pressure also dropped down to almost normal. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays down.

I have decided to reward myself every week until the end of the program IF my blood pressure stays down. It was down last week so the shoes were the reward for that. I got out my rose colored vase and decided that some flowers might be a good reward for this week. One of those grocery store bouquets come to mind. I can put them on top of the freezer in the dining room and they will be visible to me from the entire living area of my home.

After the 24th I will only have to see the nurse once a month for the weigh in and BP check so the price of the rewards can go up. I sure couldn't afford to spend $100 every week for a reward, but $10 a week or so won't be too much of a budget buster. A plus that I believe I'm experiencing from the healthy eating is that my nails are growing. Maybe a manicure might be a good reward? Maybe another Reiki session might be managed as well. I don't like having strangers touching me but Reiki is just a laying on of hands to transfer energy and I found that to be quite comfortable.

I'm going to make Baked Ziti tomorrow. The Husband is asking for some. I'm not supposed to eat the pasta, but I can control the amount I take and fill my plate with the veggies I'll be serving and since I'll be including beans (Stink generator type beans) I will have consumed enough fiber with the pasta to offset a bit the effects of the starchy carbs. A bit of a deviation from the plan but not a total destruction. I can handle that just fine.


  1. That's great about your blood pressure :-) I think that is what to focus on rather than the weight loss, but I think you will step on the scale one day and be surprised. And rewarding yourself, I see nothing wrong with that at all. It gives you something to motivate you and to look forward to , in addition to just feeling better. Good job Sherry !

    1. I didn't have the baked ziti yesterday, so, I had some gravy on my potatoes and had a Mom's Day treat of ice cream.

      Mother's Day is bittersweet for me so I've not got much to say about the program. Maybe tomorrow when the blues pass on.

    2. Mother's Day is sad for me too since my mom died when I was 10 years old, so I understand the blues. Hugsss