Saturday, May 28, 2011


I don't know why lately Blogger seems to be having a lot of problems. I guess sometimes if it ain't broke, don't fix it is a good rule of thumb to follow. Seems like there's been problem after problem since they tried a maintenance upgrade and added some bad code. The current problem is that we have all lost our followers. Every widget on every page I've looked at is blank. I went to my Dashboard and clicked on the page that will allow me to see my 36 followers and that too is...BLANK.

I know I'm still following all of you since your current posts show up on my Dashboard reader. Your avatars, however, are a different thing. I suspect this time it's a Google problem rather than a Blogger problem because the Friend Connect reader is theirs. I wonder if this problem has anything to do with Lalepop's latest post?

This, of course, is not the post I planned on putting up here. That post is saved in drafts to be worked on since it just isn't coming out the way I want it to. I will probably find the time to work on it in the next couple of days since we have no holiday plans other than to hang out around the house and enjoy ourselves. It's hazy, hot and humid so I'm staying wherever there's an AC unit working. Like right here, in front of my computer, AFTER the housework... of course.


  1. Ain't nothing worse than to write a long and serious comment and have Blogger eat the thing, and it almost always happens whenever I forget to copy the thing.

    Yeah, I wish they would leave the code alone.

  2. Sherry...I am confused...everything is here..on the post..all your widget's, your followers, everything looks normal here....could it be something is amiss with the dashboard only...cause this is fine.....???????

  3. Beach Bum,

    They keep trying to blame our browsers until too many find their way to Blogger Forums with the same complaint. I see they got the Followers thing fixed, I wonder what's next?

  4. TAB,

    It happened yesterday and apparently they got it fixed overnight. According to the Blogger Forum it's been an ongoing problem off and on for quite awhile.

  5. I've been away the last few days so didn't notice the blogger problem and I don't seem to have one with my blog since I came back yesterday. Yeah I'm knocking on wood.

  6. ICE,

    Blogger was actually closed for a day. It was on something called Read Only Status. Then it came back but we were missing posts and comments. A day or so later, a bunch of bloggers couldn't log in. Then when that got fixed our Follower's widgets disappeared. Pop got a wee bit unhappy about that. lol. He forgave Blogger when the widget came back.

    At the moment everything appears normal. Unfortunately at some point Blogger will again try a maintenance. When they do...Be afraid, be very afraid. ROFL.