Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love This Place It's Beginning To Feel Like Home.

Once past the shock of loss and the need to relocate, I began to really examine the possibilities here. I think it helped, in a way, that the other place didn't disappear on April 30. The lack of closure left me with a need to find some way to push past it and move forward.

In my old profile I had a slideshow of Bashful pictures. It was just a matter of one click into my Profile and I could view the pictures when I wanted to. The slideshow is hosted in Photobucket, but there I have to log in and click the drop down for access to the slideshow page and then scroll down until I found it. Then I'd have to click to another page so that I could view it. Takes as long to get to it that way as it does to see it.

Yesterday a blogger here that I follow in Twitter provided a link to her About Me page. As I was reading her blog I realized she had a number of pages besides the one we read her blog on. Which brought me back to my own blog and a visit to the tutorials for information on how to create additional pages. It's really easy. So, I did an About Me page last night and got to thinking what else would I want on another page.

There was one of my last blog posts "And Slowly The Stream Dried Up" that I like, but didn't feel I wanted to post it here on this blog. This is not the stream and it's time to move forward, but I also wanted to acknowledge my blogging roots. So I created another page and put that post on it. I decided to change the title to "Endings And Beginnings" because that's what that page is.

Then I wondered if the page feature could be used for Bashful's slideshow and it CAN! I'm thinking about creating a slideshow of family pictures. I need to add the current pics of my grandkids to Photobucket first so that will be awhile. In the meantime I will be playing around with posting and all the other blog features we have here. I'm going to be making changes to the widgets I have on my blog. I'm keeping the background and will be getting rid of some things and generally rearranging others. Apparently there's a little more geek in me than I thought. Oh well, what else is a blog for except to bitch about stuff and have fun?


  1. you and Whit have both said this place is better than the stream and I'm agreeing with both of you.

    Strange how in the process of getting 'kicked out' we've discovered that 'things are really better now.'

  2. ICE,

    The people were special to us and I think that kept us from seeing what we were missing.

    Here we have way more options concerning what we want to put on our blogs and how we want it to look. We never will lose a post here because we timed out. It saves it in draft form constantly so that even if the computer barfs our work is still there.

    At first I missed the emoticons but in thinking about it, they were kind of silly. I LOVE the fact that people can't just put a graphic in our comments. I'd rather not have a comment than have someone post something without reading what I wrote.

    I love the dashboard. That way I'm not clicking onto blogs to see if they updated when I wasn't online. I think John did us a favor. Now we know what a blog really can be.

  3. Sherry:

    You know, moving from Blogstream to Blogger is like moving from a small town to a large city. The big city offers more opportunities and more glitz, but that small town had its virtues, too.

  4. Sherry -

    "If you can't be with the one (Blogstream) you love, love the one your with (Blogspot)." It's taking me a lil longer than I had hoped to be smitten......... Great post!

  5. I like this site, as well, Sherry.

    The features offered on Blogger, such as seperate page options and such, offer a lot of possibilities.



  6. Whit,

    The small town allowed a formation of connections between people. The city has bells and whistles. I'm liking the bells and whistles.

    They don't replace the connections but can you imagine what the small town would have become if it had this kind of bells and whistles? We'd really have never wanted to leave.

  7. Joram,

    It's the newness of things, can be very daunting if you don't know what to do with it. I had no idea what I was doing back in 2006 when I started blogging. For me, this is just another opportunity to not know what I'm doing. I do it anyway.

  8. PaulV,

    I guess I just had to look for the good in this place to find it. Moving forward is the only path we had. So, I took a leap and look what happened.