Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Does Crappy Cat Cook Raindrops?

According to Blogger Status and Blogger Buzz, nearly all missing posts have been restored and they are working on restoring missing comments over the weekend. Although my missing post is still missing, it's not entirely lost. I have it saved on my computer, a habit I acquired from losing so many posts at my former blog home. Since the operative word in my first sentence is "nearly" I'm going to give it another day before reposting.

Since my temporarily missing post was written about a fairly hot topic, the program Extreme Couponing, I had quite a few search engine directed visitors to my page. They probably didn't understand why they were directed here since there is no post regarding that program visible. I know they were here because I have this curiosity thing which makes me click on stuff when I feel it's safe to do so.

All of our blogs come equipped with this Stats tab, I clicked on it and discovered that I could find out things like what countries people who visit are from and what search terms they're using. I can get a rundown of the browsers they're using and at the bottom of the sub tab "Traffic Sources" I can find what search terms are bringing people to my blog. Of course, I have no way of knowing that they read what I wrote. Just that they clicked in. Some of the search terms I'm finding make me scratch my head and wonder...WTF?????

crappy cat

factory farming facts 2011

facts about raindrops

how is raindrops made

how to cook raindrops

things that remind me of daughter

why did they make looney tunes

paragraph on how to make things beautiful

quick facts about factory farming

"nutrition label"

what is keith olbermann up to these days


cebarre pictures

funny oneliners 2011


blues image pueblo

fun chairwell

sense of humor for kids and bullying

coupon diva kitty

extreme coupon diva

facts about factory the process cherries

j'aime kirlew


jamie the coupon diva fraud

my roof damage

picture of j'aime kirlew

Some pretty obvious questions occur to me when reading that list. Like:

Why would anyone be searching for a crappy cat? Wouldn't one that isn't crappy be more preferable?

What kind of mind would create a search term like "sense of humor for kids and bullying"?

I have no post here about Keith Olbermann, so what's up with that?

What is a "fun chairwell"?

While I admit to being silly sometimes, why would someone searching "why did they make looney tunes" end up here?

Lastly, why would anyone want to cook raindrops? Don't you know they taste better raw?


  1. Mine are toast too. Movin on...


    kick ass morning music.

  2. Sarge,

    Can't complain too much, mistakes happen. Blogstream ate so many of my posts that I always back them up. I'll repost it Sunday.

    The problem is, it had a video in it which means I have to remove the music or maybe I'll just add a notice for people wanting to see the video to go to the bottom of my page and shut off the music widget.

  3. funny post. correction - in retrospect it's deliriously funny.

    cooking raindrops, looney tunes, - shit - it makes perfect sense to me.

  4. Sherry:

    Cooking raindrops? Now there is something even I could cook. :^)

  5. I check my stats ever week or so, had a few from Iran a few weeks back, then none, wonder what they were drawn by?

  6. Ice,

    Nearly had a coffee meets the keyboard mishap on the "how to cook raindrops" search term. I still want to know what a fun chairwell is.

  7. Whit,

    If I knew the identity of the person searching "how to cook raindrops" I'd do that person a favor and introduce you. :D

  8. YF,

    I've had quite a few that make no sense to me. Iran, Iraq, China, Russia to name a few. I'm not doing politics or religion, makes me wonder what gives?

  9. Sherry, I'm sure some are curious people,
    some are idiots, some are hackers, some are lonely, and some probably have an interest...I had one follower who's blog resembled the equation for spending a satellite t9 mars. It was in Russian I think that or Egyptian hieroglyphics so I blocked him....Who knows what these people are doing.....

  10. a 'fun chairwell' ..hmm... I started to 'search' for the term - but decided to 'pass' - considering what I read on your blog.

    yeah, you've got to keep the coffee away from those keys...

  11. Your post peaked my curiosity, so I looked at my blog's stats.

    It seems that my "greatest hit" so far in my Blogspot career has been my Jabberwocky post. It's generated more page views than any other post on my blog.

    Too, it seems that I'm well loved in North America and New Zealand (thanks, Mr. O.)

    Cooking raindrops? Now THAT'S an idea on how we can do away with all this rain we've been getting...

  12. TAB,

    People do what they do for various reasons. I just like thinking about those reasons. Sometimes it leads to some funny blog posts.

  13. ICE,

    I did search some of those terms. It took a great deal of clicking to find my blog listed. In a couple of cases I wasn't there until page 40 or so. You just have to wonder about those kind of things. LOL

    You would think that keyboard manufacturers would make them liquid proof. I'm sure I'm not the only person that finds something to laugh about when it could be damaging to the keyboard health.

  14. PaulV,

    I haven't looked at those stats yet. Other than having a counter on my blog the same as Blogstream had, I had left the Stat tab alone. Until I actually looked to see what was in there. Now I can't leave it alone, it's just too funny.

    Now that you have piqued my curiosity, I'm going to go look at which posts I'm getting traffic on. LOL