Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bad Kitty, Bad Hubby

Yep, my Bad Kitty made me a Mother's Day mess. Hubby didn't pick up the newspaper when he was done with it. He left it lying on the couch where Darling Butterscotch could have a field day with it. Shreds of newspaper all over the couch, the floor and a few pieces in the kitchen. He had himself a high old time making a mess.

I got up, looked at it and staggered out to grab myself a cup of coffee. I returned to the living room and simply sat here looking at it until I felt the need to laugh. It took awhile. A long while.

After having myself a laugh, I turned on the computer to lose myself in the blog world. After leaving a few comments and posting my guest post at TheTAZZone, I decided to clean up the mess. What made me maddest wasn't that Butterscotch did it, but that Hubby walked through it, grabbed coffee, and sat on the couch until he left to go to Oldest's to fix my car. Did he grab a broom and sweep any of it up? No! Did he come back into the bedroom to warn me of the mess? Oh, no! Did he bother to pick up the paper so the cat couldn't create any further damage? Oh, HELL no! Was he in trouble? OH HELL YES! Operative word there being WAS.

Butterscotch spent most of today being cute and cuddly. He seemed to feel the need for more affection than he normally does. Probably in response to my mood this morning, but I didn't yell at him. It doesn't do any good after the fact. It doesn't do any good during the fact either, he's a cat. Cats believe that it's only wrong when you catch them and only for the duration of the scolding.

Husbands, on the other hand...Oh! Wait! They only think it's wrong when you catch them and only for the duration of the scolding. Which is why I didn't scold him either. Partly why anyway. He did fix my car, he is treating me to my favorite pizza and he brought me flowers. Besides after the soft soap that Butterscotch spread on me today, I wasn't mad anymore. I'm easy, but not cheap.


  1. Happy Mom's Day. I called mine at 0700 this morning - Oh, she was up! They go to bed with the hens and get up with the damned roosters.
    Solar powered lights for the backyard so she can walk the dog...


  2. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I hope it gets better--at least enjoy the pizza.

  3. Hiya Sarge!

    We get to a point where we do get up with the roosters. I'm still working and up around 6 every morning. Sleeping in for me is maybe staying in bed until 7. I didn't do that this morning, I think I should have. LOL

  4. Bupu2,

    It actually was a good day. Rocky start, but it smoothed itself out. Hope you had a good a day.

  5. Bella,

    Don't forget the wheels and the pizza. YAY! I haz wheels.

    Flowers are one of those baskets of pansies that you can plant outdoors when it warms up. IF it warms up. LOL

  6. Hope you had a great Mom's day...just one word of wisdom...Defang.

  7. Yes, the cats can't help themselves. Husbands however... (I guess I shouldn't talk, having niether husband nor cat.)

  8. Sherry:

    For a moment there, I thought your husband was in the doghouse for what the cat did and he didn't do. :^)

  9. TAB,

    I have a better word for you...broom. They're cheaper than having cat defanged. IF a vet would even do it.

  10. John,

    Some men are too far gone for training. That was the case with Hubby. I didn't meet him young enough and his Mom's habit of picking up after him was firmly ingrained.

    It's good you have neither cat or husband, I have me on that.

  11. Whit,

    I was most angry at Hubby. Cat does what he does, we are aware of it and if we don't care to deal with the mess we have to keep papers out of his grasp. When cat gets hold of papers important to Hubby's business because they too get left lying around, there will be no forthcoming sympathy from me. Some people must learn the hard way.

  12. I gotta teach my wife about that "only scold when you catch them in the act"...

  13. Skinny,

    If you think she'll buy that, I've got a deal on some swampland in Arizona for you. LOL