Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing Important, Just What's On My Mind

On Friday, Monday and again today, work would keep me out of the house until 4:30 pm. Business hours at the Wildlife Rescue locally end at 4. They're available on a 24 hour basis for rescues, but information is another thing. Today is my long travel day and as I was driving I kept seeing dead skunks in the roadway. Each time I had to swerve to avoid another one, I kept thinking that Mama Skunk didn't make it.

I pulled into the driveway of my 2pm case with 10 minutes to spare and used my cell phone to call the Wildlife office. It was then that I found out Mama Skunk was found dead in her cage last Friday morning. Given her condition when recovered from my deck, it wasn't an unexpected death. Had she not been found dead, she most likely would have died during surgery. Of course, the babies didn't make it either. When they found her she'd been dead too long to try a C section to save them.

I was itching to do this post when I first came home and found that I was locked out of my blog. Apparently another bug was stopping around 10,000 of us from logging in. It also was affecting comments as well so those like Sarge should be Ok now.

It was kind of a funny thing as yesterday I discovered that Blogger did give me back my missing post plus the comments it took. And then today, the fun started up again.

I don't know if I've become jaded, or possibly I have different priorities, but the log in problem didn't concern me once I figured out it was a Blogger issue and not mine. I can remember the time when I would have nearly had an anxiety attack over a failure to get to blogging when I had something I wanted to say. Then again, it could be that I have nothing really important to say and I can say nothing anytime.


  1. Surely you know by now that anything you have to say is important to many of us! Sorry about momma skunk. It's always sad to see a bit of innocence lost. Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Sherry:

    Blogger gave me some concern today before I found out what was happening. Blogger is a more complicated site than Blogstream, so perhaps there are more things that can go wrong.

  3. So sad about the skunks, but you did all that you could do. I'm having so much trouble, I couldn't tell that there was a problem on here.

  4. Bupu,

    Apparently we have an abundance of skunks here. I am amazed by the number I'm finding that argued with cars and lost. Usually it's possums and woodchucks.

    Not being a pro-blogger, I post things that aren't that deep. I don't care, I do it anyways. LOL

  5. Whit,

    There's a lot more to Blogger than we understand. Sites like Post Secret are Blogger blogs. It takes a lot of power to keep this site up and running. And sometimes when maintenance happens, things get screwed up.

  6. Slick,

    Some of the troubles you're having might be related to the trouble that Blogger is having. This site is a lot more complicated than BS ever was, but all of a sudden things will become clear to you.

  7. So far, it's clear as mud!

  8. Slick,

    It takes awhile, but sooner or later the mud will settle.