Friday, May 20, 2011

Pockets Full Of Air

Every time I get an email from Robbie, Nancy or Chuck, they want money. Not only do they want money, they seem to feel that the need is urgent. I suppose I should be respectful and address them as Mr. Mook, Mrs Pelosi and Mr. Schumer, but they call me Sherry, as if we were buddies, so...

At least Barack, and Joe only seem to want me to do something to support their agendas. They never ask for the contents of my pocketbook, but I'm no more impressed with them since they always speak to me about need. Theirs, not mine. Not one of them who send me emails ever does so to find out how I'm doing or if there's anything I need. It's always all about them.

Last year when MSNBC placed Mr Olbermann on suspension I signed a petition, online, to ask them to bring him back. The petition was made available by a group called Bold Progressives. When I signed that petition using my gmail address, I opted out of receiving additional emails. I didn't hear from them again.

A few months later, I addressed a tweet to President Obama in Twitter. I don't even remember what it was, just something that occured to me, probably having to do with the failure to raise taxes on the wealthy. Now, in Twitter, my name is Butterose, and my profile lists my real name as Sharon W. These emails aren't addressed to Sharon, they are addressed to Sherry. Which indicates to me that either Big Brother really is watching us, or Bold Progressives gave out my email.

They started shortly after my assinine tweet to the President and I get one every time there's an agenda to be pushed. The first one came from Vice President Joe Biden. Most often they come from Robbie Mook or Sherrod Brown. Every single one of them addresses me as Sherry, and not a one of them asks me what they can do for me. So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell them what it is they can do for me, for a change.

Dear Politicians,

I am writing to inform you that while I enjoy finding out what's going on in the political world, I'm afraid I will just have to ignore your requests for money. Since the price of gas is so high, and the cost of the food we buy at the grocers has also increased due to the high price of gas, keeping body and soul together has taken all of the pittance I earn and leaves me with nothing to place in your coffers.

Yes, Mr. President, I agree that immigration is a problem.  Robbie, Nancy, Chuck, Joe, I really, really wish I could help you turn that "ruby red" district here in NYS into a sapphire blue district, but unfortunately keeping a roof over my head, food in my stomach and gas in my car so I can earn enough to take care of the first two pressing issues has used up all of my available funds.

Feel free to keep sending me emails. Who knows? When you all get your heads out of your asses and get firm about addressing Social Security, Medicare, Wall Street, and the Republicans who support killing the first two programs to make the Fat Cats on Wall Street fatter, I might be able to hang onto just enough to send you something once in awhile.  That is, IF you can manage to hang onto Social Security long enough for me to start collecting it in 4 more years.

In other words, if you need money, try emptying your own pockets, you've taken all there was in mine.




  1. I think most organizations nowadays sell mailing and email lists. It's one of the drawbacks to making a donation or getting in support of something. Inevitably it seems like down the road I get more spam, junk email and junk mail.

  2. Sherry:

    I wonder if you will hear from them again?
    At least, you weren't addressed as Butterose. :^)

  3. Skinny,

    Yeah, I seem to be on a mailing list for Democrats looking for money.

  4. Whit,

    You know I'll hear from them every time they want something. They can call me anything they want, it's not going to get them a dime. lol