Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's In A Name? Oh...You'd Be Surprised

How closely does music reflect our lives? Sometimes we'll hear a particular song and say to ourselves "That's IT!!! That's MY life in that song!" Sometimes it's just a song that suits our mood, or a life changing event happening at that particular moment in our lives.

Our life from beginning to end has different stages, birth to death and everything painful, mundane or exhilarating in between. Whatever we experience in our life has been sung about in some decade or another. In my case, rather than a song defining a change in my actual life, it's more a case of my name sung in ways that reflect changes in music styles.

Some people's peoples accomplishments earn them their name in lights on a marquee. Some peoples accomplishments earn them their name on prison rosters for the deeds they commit. Somewhere in the middle are the rest who plod about their daily lives with little or no recognition for the work they do.

Then there's me. Someone who has spent a large portion of her life being embarrassed by friends and family who think it's cute to sing these songs to me simply because my name is in their titles. I suppose it's a situation that is not nearly as bad as having a last name that rhymes with FART. How do I know that? Well...before I married...mine did.


  1. Id say that's reflecting pretty closely. Three great tunes for a great lady.


  2. At one time I too thought they were great. After having had them sung to me, these days I'm not so enthusiastic. They do reflect stages of life as well as change in styles though.