Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Little Steve Miller Band For Wind Beneath My Wings

For the first time in decades bald eagles returned to Central New York. Got a chance to actually see one in a tree along the banks of 6 Mile Creek on my way to work this past Spring. Wouldn't it be nice to fly like an eagle? Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by a bunch of turkeys. And I mean that literally.

I opened my door to go outside a bit ago and frightened one into flight. I've never seen a bird quite that clumsy and I almost didn't think it was going to clear the tree, but I didn't see or hear a splat. I'd rather soar than do that. I think I'll get a little lift from Steve Miller.


  1. Classic.....Steve Miller.

    I listen to the air traffic scanner at JFK airport in NYC and they often speak of eagles flying around the airport...

    Talking about a big splat.


  2. They disappeared from around here sometime in the 80's. It actually made the front page of our local paper when they showed up again in Westernville this past March.

    I would have missed the one I actually saw if it hadn't been flying so low before it landed in the tree. Without leaves it was very visible.

    I felt sorry for the turkey I startled, they seem to be very skittish birds. lol