Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Trees, Candles and Pink Floyd

With the new desk that Hubby bought for his business, I wound up with no room for a full size Christmas Tree this year. We discussed getting a tabletop sized tree but I wasn't planning on getting one now.

Went shopping today and stopped at Lowes because Youngest said they had soy candles in spicy scents. Pumpkin Pie, Ground Cinnamon and Hazelnut. I have an expensive Hot Cinnamon Bun candle that I really love, but I don't really want to spend that much money again on a candle. The soy candles are the same size and half the price as my expensive one, so I bought the Pumpkin Pie scented one to try it out. I'm sitting here enjoying the lovely scent of cloves and cinnamon and am really pleased so far. What it smells like when I light it again will determine whether I make a trip back to buy more.

The candles are right next to the Christmas Tree display and I saw the perfect tree for us. I admired it for awhile and then I looked at the shelves. There was only 1 left. So, since I wanted it and Lowes seldom re-orders seasonal items, I had to buy it today. I now own this perfect tree all decorated with pine cones and berries plus clear lights.


And all of this costs Money!


  1. Only you could incorporate a Pink Floyd video into a post about Christmas Candles and sell it like that. (Insert Laughing Emoticon here.) Great post Sherr. happy Hallo-Thanks-mas There,that should about cover all of the up coming Holidays.

  2. Scratch,

    The tree will not be allowed out of the box until December something, but the candles are scented with all the lovely spices we cooks use for Fall baking so they can be used now.

    I wanted music, it was too early for Carols, and all of this costs money so that took care of that. LOL

  3. Christmas! ugh! I don't even wanta think about it, but I do love Pumpkin spice candles!

  4. I tell ya Sher, these stores and their holiday rushing...Christmas stuff out at Halloween?! WTH?
    I did a column on that very thing in TLL some time ago, drives me nuts...

    As Brother Scratch says though, only you could incorporate Pink Floyd into a Christmas post..


  5. Bella,

    If you ever get your wheels back and you have a Lowes within driving distance, grab a candle. They're worth the $6 I spent. LOL

  6. Sharer,

    I don't like it myself, but I understand why it's happening. Stores need a longer time to make the holiday sales than they used to.

    My personal pet peeve is Black Friday. I will not get up at 3 in the morning to stand in the cold for hours to take advantage of special sales. There are times when I would have liked the break of those special sales prices, but not the way it's done.

    Pink Floyd in a Christmas post? I didn't consider this a Christmas post, just a Money spending tale, which makes Money pretty obviously a necessity. LOL