Monday, October 5, 2009

80's Ladies Liked To Dance

In the 80's I was newly single, much thinner than I am now and a lot younger. In order to clean up some debts I got stuck with after the divorce, (long story) I worked 2 jobs. I had 1 Sunday off every 13 days. Like any red blooded single female in the 80's, I loved to dance. So, on the night before the one day I could sleep in and nurse a hangover if necessary, I would get my glad rags on and hit the local dance clubs.

In my smallish city there were 3 or 4 of them. My favorite was The Casbah, followed in a very close second place by The Spotlight. One or two Mudslides, Snakebites or Fireballs to oil the machinery and then it was on to the dance floor. Mudslides were a pretty big drink so you definitely wanted to limit the consumption of those by sharing with a friend.

Mudslide Recipe.

1 shot vodka
1 shot Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 shot Bailey's® Irish cream
1 shot cream
1 shot milk

Whirl with ice in a blender and down the hatch.

Snakebites also needed some basic common sense.

2 shots Yukon Jack
Dash of lime juice

Then there were the gut busting Fireballs

1 shot of Cinnamon Schnappes
A healthy dash of Tabasco Sauce.

Still standing? to the dance floor.


  1. See....I KNEW there was truth to what I call getting all muddy..

    While our musical tastes were different then, the universal principle of music and muddy was the same.

    Pretty stout drinks there missy,


  2. The two jobs I worked were both full time. 1 job was 7a to 1p 6 days a week. Had Sundays off. The other job was 3p to 11p 5 days a week with every other weekend off. Two weekends a month I got out of work at 1 on Saturday and didn't have to worry about work until Monday. I did that for 2 years 76 hours a week.

    Mudslides were the first drink of the night. Shared with 2 or 3 others because drinking one by myself would put me under the table. Once out on the dance floor I wouldn't be able to get back to the bar for another one some nights. We always made last call a Fireball.

    Since I was more into dancing, I very seldom had too much to drink.