Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'd Really Rather Not Get Sick

Spent two and a half hours yesterday in the office attending an inservice on infection control. NY mandated that healthcare workers get both flu shots before Nov. 30 this year only the vaccine seems to be in short supply. Since the company wants to protect our ability to make them money, in the interim, we were given some instructions regarding prevention.

Neither of the strains do all that much damage if the person they attack has a healthy immune system. So, we were given information on how to boost our immune system during this flu season. Some of the information is of course standard infection control habits. Washing hands, not touching your face with your hands when out in public. Covering your mouth with your arm rather than your hands if you have to cough. Proper use of exam gloves and how to take them off without touching the possibly contaminated surface. We were also issued face masks in case our clients are coughing, or if we have a cold. That was new, and unwelcome.

Other things I wasn't quite as familiar with. Our nurse found a "walking" exercise program which can be done indoors. Suggested is 30 minutes 6 days a week. Most of us will get out and walk when the weather's nice, but much of the year here it's not nice and making youself go out in rain, cold, snow, etc isn't something any of us have done successfully. It's a pretty boring routine, but with 30 minutes of any CD I truly love, I can get through it.

We've been told not to start weight loss diets and to increase our complex carbohydrate consumption through fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Also absolutely necessary is the consumption of plain water to stay hydrated. Homes are now being heated which dries out the nasal passages and that allows the development of a breeding ground for the flu and colds.

Proper diet and exercise will reduce the effects of stress which in turn builds a good immune system so I'm willing to help myself with that. I'd rather not get either types of flu, and by the time the vaccine is distributed for many of us that may be too late. Well, I have to go start my day with a bowl of cereal, and some fruit. AFTER I do my walking.


  1. hey Sherry,

    please update your link list for "Let The Music Play" as it is no longer the name or the same link...It is now called "The Cellar"

    that's one I remember! Draggin' The Line...

    Why don't you guys just suit up in armor? LOL

  2. I made the change, and thanks for the updated info.

    They were talking about gowns to go with those face masks too, so armor it might be, lol.

  3. Too late for me on the getting sick front too. I think I've caught a cold. oh well.. may as well stock up on Nyquil.