Thursday, October 8, 2009

Having Some Fun

Former Georgia Satellite front man Dan Baird giving us a lesson on the correct grammatical use of punctuation marks.

Any questions? No? Well, I have one.

Where were all these teachers worthy of mental undressing when I went to school?


  1. The album is called "Love Songs for The Hearing Impaired" and is worth picking up should you see it in the five dollar bin....Another great song on it is "Knocked Up"...

    Funny guy, good tunes.


  2. I might take a look for it when next in Walmart when I can spend a little more than I plan on.

  3. We didn't have any eye candy at high school either, well except that one Science teacher dude, but he got killed going the wrong way on the Interstate cause he was high as a Georgia pine. Damn waste.

    as far as this song, it was pretty funny, I vaguely remember it! LOL

  4. Had one science teacher substitute for a whole week that was drop dead gorgeous. Just didn't have him long enough.

    Glad you got a laugh at the song.