Monday, October 19, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane With Music

I'm just not feeling this blogging thang anywhere at the moment. My life seems to be pulling me away from the computer these days. It's OK here where I can throw something up and ignore it, but I just don't have the time, nor am I inclined to find the time to work a blog.

My real life was broken by the death of my Mom, and that's what got me into this blogging thing to start out with. It seemed to me to be a way to both honor her and to help myself grieve. It took over my life, and that should never have happened. Had I spent the time and effort in life to help myself the right way rather than spending all that effort on a blog, I might have recovered faster.

For a very long while I separated myself from what was real in my life and replaced it with funny characters, and some very fake people. I invested months of my life in something that did more harm than good. I replaced time spent with real honest to goodness breathing humans with words on a screen and a community in which witches and trolls lived. There were a few real souls floating around, but I couldn't tell the difference until I was in the middle of things that I didn't understand.

Part of me still lives there, because that other site and my posts are in some way memorials to the people and the cat that I lost in my life. You'll find me there two days a week and once in awhile to answer what comments I get. You might find me in Twitter now and again or here, but for the most part, I have a life I'm living with people I can see, touch and hear. Computers and all the "friends" you meet when online can't replace that.


  1. I can definitely relate to the "Not Feeling it anywhere at the moment" sentiment Sherr, I've already begun cleaning out my locker at BS. time to start spending some time on getting some form of a life back I suppose, although I'll still post from time to time not as much though. take care.

  2. Real life always take precedence over blog life, eh?! I love the variety Blogger offers as far as reads, and I am not sure I want to invest too much in Blogstream as far as blogging anymore, as I feel it is just a matter of time that it will close up due to instability or neglect? There are so many ad blogs, and the worst of it is that the connection is somehow lost, which undoubtedly is because people are out living their lives and not on screen so much. I'm all for that!

  3. I guess I'm one of those "fake people" you speak of, as my life with my blogs is my "fantasy life" and not the real world. Spending time writing about music in my blog and column is my "dream job" and likely as close to the music business as I'll ever be again since I'm too old to start a band and not going to be in radio again. My dream would be to live in NYC and write for Rolling Stone.... In my fantasy world, the music takes me to places and times I'd otherwise not be able to visit and I love where it takes me. I guess it is a fantasy world, much like the days I laid on my bed and listened to the faraway radio stations playing rock and roll and allowed me to dream of the places and the business. I'm thankful that I have this outlet to continue that dream. I understand your desire to "be real" though. Most of the time I have to be real, it's during the times with the music that I forget about the real....even for just a bit. Without it I WOULD be totally lost.


  4. Scratch,

    I enjoy the research into the music posts I'm doing and the writing of the posts. I enjoy the comments I get but I'm not able to get my head into reading more than maybe half a dozen blogs on any kind of regular basis.

    Life is not lived well online and I spent too much time doing that. I have had the pleasure of conversing with some very fine people and those few I cherish. I'm still here and there, but living my life is most important to me.

  5. Bella,

    From what I have seen, and from the invites I keep getting in my private messages, they switched to Facebook. Lucy, Daisy, PolarB, Whisper, Ron, June, Taylor, Biggie, Mark, Chanda, and assorted others ALL have Facebook pages. They left home. What outweighed the connection they claimed to have with some of us was the jealousy and backbiting from the internet trolls. We know who they are.

    I lost the desire to read when I saw the comments on Hawks memorial blog and the fight that two women got into. I found myself asking myself if I really wanted to be associated with that. The answer was NO! So, I stopped reading blogs except a very few written by people that I honestly cherish.

    I don't read here at all except for the ones listed in my sidebar. LOL

  6. Sharer,

    Nope, NOT fake. There's a difference. Music is for you something that is a primal need. There's a difference between that type of fantasy and the fakes with their sob stories. Your blogs are your way of sharing your love of the music, not a way of getting attention with lies designed to evoke emotions from others that create a need to support what doesn't exist.

    I can't be someone I'm not, and I don't think that your interest in music ever makes you someone you're not.

    I'm me, warts and all, folks either have to accept that or pass me by.