Sunday, June 15, 2008

Takes All Kinds To Make A Froggin World

I had a conversation last night with a blogger that I respect tremendously. He's a character is Sir Scratchalot, with a sense of humor and a vein of creativity unequalled by many other bloggers. He has adopted an attitude of not caring what other people are doing on their blogs, nor does he care who the new characters are. At first I was puzzled by his attitude, but after having time to think things through I have begun to see something.

When we're blogging, we're online and the internet is no place to be giving out too much personal information. In order to avoid that we have to create an identity, a character if you will. I truly enjoy those with a sense of humor, and even though I know the real person behind that character may be far different, it doesn't bother me. So, why does it bother me when the real person behind a character creates a dramatic tragic identity?

I've written the truth about me as much as possible and probably given out more information than I should have. This is MY way of doing things, and I need to stop expecting others to do the same. Is there any way to create a fictional character honestly? Probably not, and why should I object to the fiction they're writing about or the people that support them?

I read something and mentally point a finger and think to myself that I'm reading a pack of lies. That shouldn't matter. There's no regulation in blogging that says you can't create fiction, quite the opposite really. Blogging is an opinion based forum, it is the opinion of the character/author that I'm reading. If the character is a work of fiction than the opinion isn't worth a second notice by me. That's my choice.

From now on if I see trouble brewing, I'm moving on and leaving the trouble right where it is. I might come over here and blog it out, make fun of it, or do anything I find necessary to get out what I'm feeling so that I really can let go of it. The other thing I'm going to do is stop questioning the new blogs when they occur. Maybe they are nothing more than another ID of someone I don't like or have had problems with, and as long as that particular ID doesn't cause any grief...then I'm fine with it. It's ALL smoke and mirrors anyways.

I have my preferences, and those are the folks I plan on staying blogbuddies with. I don't need any more, but I can at least nod to the rest of the community in passing. There's no regulation that states I have to comment on every blog I read. Nor do I have to be buddies with every blogger I comment to.


  1. by the way, I was over at Blogstream but their server was so slow, I wanted to give my condolences to you about your friend who passed unexpectedly.

  2. come to find out, there was not 4 hours worth of work on Thomas for I didn't have to work today.

  3. Hey you got lucky, no work means more time for fun. I'm just playing around right now. Not much going on over in BS.

    Scratchy and I were on his chat for hours last night. Just the two of us until Mousey managed to find us. Weird that in all the time I was there only 2 other people showed up and I don't think they knew he had a chat up, it was 2 posts down. LOL

  4. Glad you guys got to chat, sorry I missed it, but then again I probably would not have interrupted, not that I had the time to chat this weekend anyway.

  5. Most of the time we chatted about real life stuff, he wasn't interested in discussing blogstream bullchit. We talked about gardening, movies, google earth, and writing.

  6. speaking of Google earth, I love that! I was just showing that to Belinda this weekend, she had never seen it. Amazing the stuff you can do on there! even Bobbi enjoyed that one. how is the garden coming? I'm too lazy to garden myself. I'm lucky if I can keep the flowers alive. I noticed he had seen a few flicks here lately, I can't afford to go myself, and writing I am definitely not that good at; not like you two! Sounds like a fun time to me!

  7. Sherry, I So Love your Lilly Pad !!! (Really like your Froggy with the Pink Bow :) -Just Singing Your Tune.)
    Sorry I managed to interupt your chat with Scratch, guess it was clear he wasn't interested in my being there, since he left.
    My response to your post, is this... if I want to read Ficton, I prefer to know it is just THAT. I prefer to Like/Respect the Person Behind the Blog, Why invest time and caring in nothing more than a tall tale, I'm interested in People - not Figments.

  8. Mousey,

    Oh yeah, I agree with that. Figments, when you know they're figments are OK, but I prefer the real people. Unfortunately we are in the minority so the shit will continue.

    Scratch got involved in the Jack the Ripper saga which was what he was doing. He was reading and must have lost track of time. You'll have to nail him on it, because earlier in our chat he said he hadn't seen much of you. I told him you hadn't been online much lately. I'm sure he didn't mean to snub you, but I can't speak for the guy, he's got to mend that fence himself.

  9. Bella,

    I downloaded Google Earth, now I have to learn to use it. Apparently my neck of the woods hasn't been updated in awhile, my home wasn't there, just all the trees she had cut down to clear the space. LOL