Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life In My Neck Of The Woods

My husband has a sense of humor and so does his oldest daughter-in-law. She asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he told her he wanted a 6 foot tall blonde back scratcher. She came close. Barbie is probably his favorite gift. He keeps her propped in the chair there. I have to move her or the cat when I want to sit in the living room when he's stretched out on the couch. I always feel bad when I move the cat, not so much when moving Barbie.

I had taken some pictures of the neighborhood a couple of weekends after we moved in.

I was taking this picture and something started moving in my field of vision. It was a weird sensation because I couldn't really see anything except movement. So, I zoomed in to see if there was anything there that could move or was I hallucinating.

One of the few remaining Fall days they could be let out of the barn after milking. We had the first snow storm just 2 days after I took those pictures.

It hung around until Christmas which gave us the first truly white one in a couple of years. It made shopping so much more fun except for the crazy drivers trying to kill me. I don't go fast enough for them. One of them was trying to force me to move faster by tailgating me. I started ignoring him and when I finally looked in my rearview mirror, he was on the other side of the road trying to turn his car around. Odd how he stayed off my bumper after that. 


  1. Love the pictures of the cows :-) Living in town, I don't get to see sights like that unless I take a drive out in the country and then I am driving so I can't get pictures though I suppose I could stop if I wanted to.

    Not sure which I laughed harder over, the Barbie back scratcher or the rude drive behind you having to turn his car around. Haha, serves him right :-)

  2. Precious Kitty was curling up for a nap in the chair and Barbie attacked him. He fought back and now she's not attached to the scratcher. And her hair is a mess. I found a place for her to hide until I can fix her back up again.

    The day the guy spun out, I was traveling 10 or so miles under the speed limit because there was a wide swath of slush on the road between the tires. I have sense enough to know that going around a curve and catching a tire in it can cause problems with control. He found out the hard way and needed to count his blessings that he didn't wind up in the ditch.