Monday, January 23, 2017

Birdhouses, Flowers, Paints and Preserving My Sanity

Last week while shopping in Walmart I was in crafts and saw 2 wooden birdhouses in the paint section. I didn't pay much attention because I was looking for unique containers that could be used for artificial floral arrangements. Didn't find anything worth spending money on. Mostly glass bowls and vases. I have those.

On Sunday while arranging the nursery rocker in the living room, something caused those birdhouses to pop back into my mind. They would be the right size for that shelf. My first thought was to paint them and glue flowers to the roof and that would be alright, but wouldn't give me a change in height I need on the shelf. All of a sudden it dawned on me. Pots! Terra cotta pots.

Like this:

I painted the last one many moons ago and sold it for $12. The other 2 I found on Google, painted by someone else. 

I can take them to my BFF for the addition of a floral arrangement which will give me the height. I won't have spent a lot of money. If I do 3 pots and 2 birdhouses on the 7 foot shelf it should give me color without going overboard. I expect to spend $20 for the pots and birdhouses. I have the paints and then there will be the expense of the flowers for at least 2 of them. I'm thinking I'll leave 1 pot empty. 

So, this means I need to get my craft room rearranged and ready to go this week because my BFF will be moving to N. Carolina later this year. Painting will give me something to concentrate on and hopefully help me to ignore the political goings on. I'll stay saner that way.


  1. Excellent idea !! I knew you would come up with something and I like this. Be sure to take some pictures when you have everything all finished. And yes, DO stay away from the politics !!

    1. I think I'll take pictures of the mess in the craft room. How it looks after I clean it out and then pictures of every step involved in the creation of each piece. When it's all finished, I'll do a picture of the shelf.

      After that's done I'll decorate the bedroom and again take pics of each part of the process.

      They will be posted in FB and here, not in BS. I'm still too angry at the other members there.

      I have some news to share, will send it in an email.