Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spending The Day Doing Something For Me

I may not have had much to say so instead of talking I started doing. There is a room, a small one, maybe 7' x 10' that I had decided would be my crafting room. I've never had one before, just a table tucked into the corner of my bedroom which made things a little crowded but I dealt with that. The room as also where we chose to put the freezer but other than that, the room is for me to paint in.

This morning I realized the table was too close to the window and that the cabinet covered a feature on the wall that I was fond of and didn't want covered up, so I rearranged them. Then I saw that the chair I was going to use would not have much room to move in without bumping into the freezer so I moved the freezer closer to the outside wall. Once I did that, I started unpacking boxes and filling the shelves.

Books, blanks, baskets of brushes, daubers, palette knives, palettes, sponges, rollers and just about any tool you can think of. And the paint and finishes of course. I have a lot of stuff and it's now all organized and I'm happy. After the boxes were emptied it was just a matter of cleaning and taking another picture.

A whole room just for my crafts and it's big enough for me to keep things clean and neat. Now all I have to do is decide what I want to create. 


  1. A nice productive day :-) Everything looks so neat and organized. I hope you enjoy many creative days there in your new craft room and I am sure you will come up with lots of projects to keep you busy.

    1. I spent some time in there yesterday. Since I didn't have any way to organize before this, there were things tucked away in the old home that I had forgotten I had. Brushes that I had never used, paints that will need to be disposed of because they dried out in the bottle. I also spent time online on the Michaels website and bought a number of surfaces to work on that I've never used before.