Sunday, January 15, 2017

Taking A Deep Breath

Sitting here thinking about things and deciding if I wanted to actually say something. While my mind was wandering I noticed we now have emojis. Not necessarily good ones but they will say what I think if I care to use one.

They even have the "pile of poo" that I am so tempted to cover the page with but in the interest of preserving my sanity and my blood pressure, I'll refrain. I'm also finding that I'm needing to refrain from speaking to almost everyone except family and maybe 2 other people since they are so gleeful over the election results and what's going on in Congress this week.

If I hang around my other blog site, I will learn to hate so much that I might never be able to stop. As it is I've blown up in a blog post over family members of mine with serious ailments that might be left out in the cold, including my grandson. Oddly, the biggest troublemaker there looked past what I said and asked me about my grandson's condition which no one else much saw fit to do. Fortunately, no one disagreed with me to the combative point either. I am not sane at the moment and my blood pressure is sky high. Again.

I'm trying to get past what has happened and have some hope but it's getting harder. I have decided to unplug from social media except for contact with family and those who have the same political leanings that I do. And when I feel the need to write, I will come here where nobody much reads me.

It's not worth working myself up into a stroke or heart attack over what has happened. I just need to stay away from those who feel the need to spout off against everyone who disagrees with the election. Especially when they're crowing about crybaby libs or liberal whiners while they clap their hands about taking health insurance away from the low income working person even if they're in the midst of treatments for catastrophic illness or like my grandson who at 19 has COPD and needs expensive medications to breathe. When I think about my nephew who at 9 has to live wrapped in gauze bandages and spend every month at Upstate Children's Hospital trying to fix his feeding tube. He has epidermolysis bullosa and his prognosis is...well...I don't want to talk about him now. It's too depressing.

Since moving here when I use the laptop I sit in the kitchen at the table. My cats are not allowed on the table which they normally abide by. Yesterday I was sitting here trying not to go off when Butterscotch popped up between me and the laptop and started butting me in the face with his head. He was making little mewling noises and purrs while he would put his head against me for a second or so. It caught me by such surprise I didn't even chastise him. Probably because I needed a hug and he was the next best thing.

I have the tools to heal myself of my anger and worry. I just need to take responsibility for myself and use them. I don't want to start arguing with people. I've saaid what I believe and if they wish to consider me to be a whining liberal then I don't need to argue with that, I need to let them go and ignore them.


  1. Good to see you writing here in the "quiet" blog site. I think your kitty was trying to tell you to get away from the laptop and breathe and get your stress levels down.

    You know Sherry, when I was young way back in the last century, I was probably what they would call a whining liberal. Somewhere along the line I turned into a right wing conservative.
    Then a few years ago, I just woke up and realized I cannot stand any of it, left, right whatever. So now I am a DGAD (don't give a damn) when it comes to politics. I just sit back and watch and wait to see how the politicians screw things up and in the meantime I do what I can to help my family and friends because when all is said and done, we don't have too much control over anything when it comes to the big picture. All we can do is try to keep our little world right around us as pleasant and peaceful as we can.
    I DO hope your nephew continues to get the care he needs. No one should have to go without medical care no matter what. It gripes me that we can spend trillions of dollars trying to destroy other countries while we can't or won't help our own citizens.
    So actually I DO give a damn about things that matter, but I don't trust any politician to save the world, because they won't.

    1. People that were always reasonable over there have suddenly begun to go off over every little thing. I've seen the phrases "special snowflakes, crybaby libtards, whining libs, etc" so many times I'm appalled.

      The glee over the Obamacare repeal from my so called Blogster friends, which is still being thrown in my face after they were made aware of the consequences to my family and a cancer suffering friend of mine, is more than I care to deal with.

      Tess didn't acknowledge my post, Rusty just said they'll get taken care of and that is shaping up not to be the truth since Congress wants to defund the child health program too.
      My grandson is too old for that program but my nephew isn't.

      Today the doctors at Upstate are caring for my nephew Trevor. They need to place another feeding tube in him because the site where the current one is has deteriorated and it's bleeding.

  2. sorry about your nephew. Take care of yourself, Sherr.

  3. We need to resist - but also not let negativity ruin our every day.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. There's too much negativity right now. I'm in need of some healing first.

  4. The scary thing is, I have seen people write, "they're not getting rid of ACA, they're getting rid of Obamacare." I have yet to figure out how to combat or overcome that level of (willful) ignorance, but I try. Sometimes my biggest regret is returning from New Zealand, but at least this way I can try to keep my mother and sister from becoming medical refugees.

    1. Due to moving Nov. 5 I couldn't vote. The move took me to a different postal district in the town we moved to in 2007. Registrations had closed and our certificate of occupancy which showed we lived here before the election didn't come until 2 days after. I needed it on election day.

      I have been told I have no right to complain about the outcome since I didn't vote, but how people could have watched what he did and listened to what he said and still vote for him educated me on just how hateful or stupid many people are.

      I caved and joined Facebook because I wanted to remind myself how liberal people actually are, only to find almost all of my Blogstream buddies had gone Conservative or in the case of Squabbler, totally Libertarian. I dislike cold hearted people, I really do.