Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mostly Acoustic Sunday

My favorite radio station is TK99, The number 1 station for classic rock. It's also the number 1 station for Syracuse Orange sports teams, but I can overlook that as long as it doesn't interfere with Mimi Griswold and The Blue Moon Cafe. She's on Sunday mornings from 9 to noon and she plays mostly acoustic versions of songs from some of my favorite artists.

On Sunday I get to listen to Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, John Hiatt, Steely Dan, Keb Mo, Joni Mitchell and Warren Haynes from Govt. Mule who seems to have quite a love of acoustic guitar. I never was a big Govt. Mule fan (sorry Diesel) but I love listening to Warren do the acoustic versions of some of their songs.

I was sitting here having a brief chuckle while listening to various versions of "Idiot Wind" by Bob Dylan. My Mom couldn't stand his voice and she always used to gripe at me because I used to turn up the radio when he was on. Which I just did while searching for the version Mimi played just awhile ago.

Her version was acoustic, the following version isn't. There is an acoustic version at Youtube, but one of the reasons we so loved Dylan was because he would interpret his songs differently each time he sang them. He didn't have a good singing voice, what he had was the ability to add emotion to the words and it was that emotion that we grooved to. The acoustic version online is sung in a wistful style. The original version had a subtle bitter inflection which this version has.

Lets just add a little Keb Mo right here.


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  2. Sherry,
    My musical taste entered a deep freeze just before the rise of Disco, I believe. Dunedin has or has access to a couple of "Classic Rock" or "Oldies" stations, one of which suits me to a tee. But I must confess that I still have not acquired a taste for Bob Dylan.