Monday, July 4, 2011

It's The Fourth of July.....Amen!

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When I say I'm a fan of Kid Rock, people look at me as if something ugly just grew out of my head. One of the joys of my life is music, and while I prefer classic rock, I listen to just about everything. Sometimes, when I least expect it a song will resonate inside me somewhere and I will explore other songs by that same person.

Back in the day, when I was a wrestling fan, Vince McMahon was forced to change the promotion name from WWF to WWE. He did it on a Monday Night Raw broadcast with a retrospective of past wrestlers, his father and a Kid Rock song "Lonely Road of Faith". I remember thinking that Kid Rock had possibilities so I started to listen to some of his other songs.

Then my grandkids gave me his CD, "Rock and Roll Jesus" the year it came out. This song is one of my favorites from that CD. There is a raw truth in what he sings about. Sort of a litany of what's wrong with America and it's people and at the same time there is the hope in all that is right. He expresses the contradictory nature of what goes on sometimes in my head. He does one other thing when I listen to his songs, he gives me hope that we'll get it right eventually. I say that because there's a world of young people out there who are bigger fans of his music than I am.


  1. Kidrock used to be a rock/rapper. His debut album "Devil without a cause" is pretty much all that genre. Then he kinda changed to a southern rock sound and started touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd. He still does some rap stuff but very little. I liked his first album but I'm not into too much of his stuff anymore, I was also like 17 when his first album came out so I listened to a lot of stuff I don't really like anymore.

  2. If you do watch WWE, you'll remember that Undertaker for a while wasn't called the 'Dead Man' he rode a bike and a bandana and was known as the American Bad-Ass, KidRock supplied his intro song, as titled American Bad Ass.

  3. Sherry:

    Amen! That is a Sunday sermon set to music. Some worshipers would be better served by listening to Kid Rock than to their local pastor urging them to vote Republican.

  4. ...he gives me hope that we'll get it right eventually.

    It's my habit to take any hope that may appear.

  5. RM,

    Yes, the rapper Kid Rock is most likely the reason people look at me as if something ugly grew out of my head when I say I like him. As a non-fan of rap, I must say I like the mature Kid much better.

    I never liked Taker as the American Badass. It was OK, but I much preferred the Dead Man. The story lines became too silly or mean spirited for me, haven't really watched WWE since 2003 or early 2004. My grandson is a big fan so I do have to watch the DVD's I buy for him, but only long enough to make sure he's happy with them.

  6. Whit,

    Amen! I like his message, and I agree with you 100%. What he says in this song beats anything I've heard from a minister for a long time.

  7. Beach Bum,

    Here's hoping that those fans of his, from the younger generation, are taking his words to heart and will do better with them than my generation did.

  8. Kid Rock? Seriously? Where do I look for that ugly growth, again?

    Guess I'm way behind the curve on his music...

  9. Squatlo,

    Yes, Kid Rock. Seriously. I've never seen the ugly growth myself, but others seem to see it growing out of my forehead.

    Somehow or other, Hank Williams Jr got his mitts on the Kid and the result seems to be a southern rock kinda vibe. In between fist fights in pancake houses he's been writing and performing something entirely different from his earlier stuff. I can't actually call that stuff music, but he's improved some since then.