Friday, July 15, 2011

Married To A Go To Guy

Somewhere around 2 am Thursday I got up to go get a glass of water so I could take another Excedrin Back and Body caplet. My mind registered a sleeping Hubby in the bed next to me so I didn't really expect to find anyone sleeping on our couch. Imagine my surprise to find a MAN snoring in my living room.

I grabbed a glass of water, and as I passed the desk I grabbed the Excedrin and beat feet to the bedroom. In the dark, I saw enough of the person to suspect I knew who it was, but as far as I knew, that person moved out of the immediate area. Apparently, his new home isn't far enough away to keep him off my couch.

After a week of pain, and no sleep on Tuesday night, I went to bed early on Wednesday. All day of ice, a liberal application of Capzacin and 2 of the Excedrin I purchased had the pain under control and I literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was vaguely aware of Hubby joining me, but oblivious to all else that happened in our home.

As per his usual habit, Hubby had fallen asleep while watching TV. He woke up to the belief that someone was out on our deck. Apparently a light knocking had disturbed him. He goes to open the door only to find Ron and his ex-girlfriend standing there. Apparently, Ron had hopped on his motorcycle to come down this way for a visit to friends. Said visit included the imbibing of more beer than was good for him.

The beer fueled a desire to see his ex-girlfriend to see if he could get back into her good graces. WRONG! Although she felt he was too drunk to make the 50 mile trip back home on his cycle, she wouldn't let him sleep on her couch. During the time they were together, whenever they had a problem that required the services of Hubby, they never hesitated to call us. How that translated in her mind to "take Ron to Tim's House" is beyond me. However, that is exactly what she did. Mind you, Ron's brother lives less than half a mile from here, but Ron spent the night here. I can't say enough about Ron and all of it would be negative.

He's one of life's losers. I've met a few losers that have a redeeming quality or two. Some are quite charming, funny or appealing in some manner. Ron, on the other hand is a loud, abrasive, arrogant, selfish, lazy good for nothing fool. He and his cousin Kenny go through life taking everything they can from other people and giving nothing but grief in return. Both of them seem to be of the opinion that they don't need to work, they can either "borrow" money or something they can sell from the people they know and go have a party.

At varying times in our life, one or both of them have attached themselves to Hubby until he finds a way to avoid them. Most of the time Hubby hasn't the time of day to give to either of them, however, when Ron's girlfriend turned to him for help, he took care of the problem she presented him with. Surprisingly enough, for the first time since I've known him, he did so grudgingly. Poor man didn't sleep very well. He had visions of Ron waking up and bothering Butterscotch or opening the door and letting or forcing Butterscotch out. He doesn't like cats. Fortunately, Butterscotch did not like Ron and stayed with us in the bedroom.

I got up shortly after 6 am on Thursday. Just in time to watch Hubby's truck pull out with the freeloader sitting in the passenger seat of the pick up. He dropped Ron off at his motorcycle and hopefully that will be the last time we see him. Despite the fact that I don't like Ron, Hubby did the right thing taking him in.

The ultimate responsibility for his condition was his. Ron may not have cared what kind of damage he could do in that condition to someone else or to himself, but Hubby did. He ignored his own discomfort to prevent the possibility of someone else suffering from Ron's stupidity. I think that trait is why most of the people we know turn to Hubby for help. I just wish that some of these people who think nothing of calling on Hubby for help would return the favor when he needs it. That isn't how life works I guess, but I wouldn't have Hubby any way but the way he is. Even if it does mean I have useless freeloaders sleeping on our couch.


  1. I'd let him spend the night too, I think we all know a person like that. Someone we help constantly when we probably shouldn't.

    If Ron went out on the bike while drunk he could have seriously injured another person, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Apparently, his new home isn't far enough away to keep him off my couch.

    Got the same issue with some of my son's friends.

  3. Your thinking is admirable: you represent probably a quiet solace to the troubled world of old friends in need. We all have them I think; unless we are them.
    But ,you are right, it would be nice if they returned the favor once in awhile.

  4. Sometimes you take out the trash, and sometimes you take in the trash.....

  5. RM,

    The distance between my home and where Ron lives is almost 60 miles. In the dark, on a bike, drunk. I don't think so. I may not like him, but if I could prevent something bad from happening, I'm on board with that.

  6. Beach Bum,

    If gritting our teeth and tolerating situations we could live without means avoiding catastrophe? It's a good thing.

  7. goatman,

    Ron knows I don't like him, he also knows I won't let my dislike interfere with his or anyone else's safety. My husband's friends are always welcome in our home, even if I'd rather they find themselves somewhere else.

  8. Skinny,

    It's frustrating, but when it's an issue of human lives and safety, what are ya gonna do?