Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Called Learning The Hard Way.

I will be 62 this coming September. Not by any means old, just not as young as I once was. Please note the absence of the word foolish there as in young and foolish. I may not be as young as I once was, but I still have my moments of foolish.

One such moment has been a full week in the making. On my first day back at work following my vacation, I pulled a muscle on the left side of my body. I felt the tug, but the pain didn't start until later in the day. Since I was at home, I decided to use the heating pad because it felt so good. Which, of course, meant that I totally ignored the instructions to ice recent injuries and heat older ones. Along with the advice to rest when one injures a muscle. I just kept heating the area and taking ibuprofen. It was working, or so I thought.

After 1 full week of heating the injury while continuing to work, and masking my body's requests for me to rest by taking the ibuprofen, I have now managed to strain just about all the muscles on the left side of my body. I am one solid mass of pain from armpit to groin and from the oblique muscle to the middle of my back near the spine. I discovered this when the ibuprofen quit on me last night. Sleep became impossible. The pain would not leave me alone.

At 6:30 this morning, with the phrase "Ice, ice, baby" running through my head, I called in sick and spent the day icing the muscles for 20 minutes every 2 hours. Plural. That, and a liberal application of Capzasin Gel seems to have calmed the muscles down. I believe that by this weekend, I'll be able to sit long enough to do a post and actually read some other ones.


  1. Sherry:

    Better keep it on ice, baby. :^)
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. A double shot of whiskey helps too...



  3. Back when I was young and in shape I had problems like that, too. Since then I've come to realize that having absolutely no muscle mass whatsoever eliminates the possibility of pulling one. Instead of tennis and swimming, now I blog a lot.

  4. Beach Bum,

    I admit, I am spending more time in a reclining position than I am sitting up, but it is improving.

  5. Whit,

    I should be right as rain, now that I've had the dislocated rib put back in place. Don't ask, I don't know how I did it. All I did was push a bed across a rug.

  6. Squatlo,

    Only shape I've ever been in is round. I'm just a smaller round now than I was a few months back. Got that way blogging a lot, and eating too much of the wrong things. Now I'm getting healthy, losing weight, and suffering. LOL

  7. Sarge,

    I'm not sure whiskey would help me. I seem to have a slight sensitivity to it's effects, and O don't think my body would enjoy all that vomiting right now.

  8. Do you know that song by "the Band"? "The shape I'm in", or at least thats the main line that repeats, I think that's the name. Anywho, have a listen, make ya feel better.

  9. Fringe,

    Haven't figured out if I should be listening to "The Shape I'm In" or "Up On Cripple Creek". I'll try both, music has it's healing properties.