Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In America The STUPID, We Can't Tell Astroturf From Grass

So, the governor of the state of Wisconsin and his Republitard cronies have shown their true colors and still the silent majority is silent. They passed a bill which requires that all voters have a drivers license and then they promptly close DMV offices in poor, rural areas in which the residents predominantly vote Democrat. Even though this particular law doesn't go into effect until January, polling places for their recall elections are asking for driver's licenses before they're allowing people to vote.

Further proof that America ain't beautiful, it's stupid, would be what's happening in Congress over the request to raise the debt ceiling. Throughout history, Congress has raised the debt ceiling with a clean bill 72 times. I've got a hot flash for you Ronnie Raygun Republitards who keep saying Reagan wouldn't do this. Hell YEAH he did. A total of 13 times. WTF planet are you people on that you don't believe a default will affect you? With 53% of the wealth of America owned by the top 10% of the population, just who the fuck do you think is going to pay the bills? Yeah! I said that word. Live with it.

In the news yesterday was the information that businesses hiring new employees won't hire the long term unemployed. They want people who have a job now or are recently unemployed. Why? Well, it's because they've bought into the Tea Party idea that the unemployed are lazy. See? America the STUPID believes that if you didn't find a job at a time when NO jobs were available, it was because you were lazy, and America The Stupid is bound and determined to punish your sloth by starving you and your babies into submission.

When it comes to the economy and finances, I'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but I know there is a difference between financial growth and economic growth. Congress, for quite some time, has been focusing on financial growth. That financial growth is what's wiping out the middle class because it's not true economic growth. The foundation for true economic growth is jobs. Jobs which went overseas so that big corporations could make billions of dollars in profit while using loopholes in the tax structure to keep most of it. It's why the ratio between the salaries of CEO's and those of the blue collar workers is so wide. Financial growth is why some people are becoming richer while our infrastructure is crumbling.

Financial growth is evident by the Wall Street bubbles, that crash and burn periodically. Economic growth would give steady long term results with minor adjustments to the market. Financial growth is big and fast and ends up costing people their retirement funds, where economic growth is small and slow, but something that one gets to keep. Financial growth profits only the few while economic growth will care for the many.

It happens because more people are working and adding to the coffers. Not through higher taxes, but through reasonable taxes. Taxes became a burden on the middle class when unemployment increased. For instance if a program needs a million dollars it can be raised by collecting $1 from a million people or $100 from 10,000 people.  Financial growth creates the need to get that $100 from 10,000 people. Economic growth would give the program $1 from a million people. Since that would decrease the burden, painlessly I might add, then the welfare of the people and education programs wouldn't be such an issue.

Job growth would take away from Wall Street the need to grab onto these bubbles which crash and burn us costing millions of Americans half of their 401K's while creating millionaires out of the manufacturers of the bubbles.  Had Congress, in it's wisdom (stupidity), actually passed the infrastructure stimulus it would have created jobs. Which would have given us some form of economic growth. Which if it had occured in a slow and measured pace would have resulted in...wait for it...MORE JOBS!

Unfortunately, we elected Dumbocrats and Republitards who believe that our problems are caused by big spending big governments. And they're bound and determined to do away with all that AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT.

We need a stable ECONOMY, we got a stable (for the moment) WALL STREET. We needed JOBS, we got HCR.  We needed JOBS we voted for a Republitard Congress who has wasted half of it's first term doing nothing more than trying to force their will on the bodies and wombs of it's female citizens. We needed JOBS and we got Tea Party State governments trying to stop the citizens of their state from voting unless they want to vote TEA PARTY REPUBLITARDS. We needed JOBS and what we're going to end up with is the Imperialist Corporate Empire of America.

One of two things is going to happen. Either we're going to get really lucky and that silent group of people will actually get it and FINALLY step up to the microphone and be heard, or Lindsey Lohan will do something stupid and divert their attention from the problem we're experiencing. I'm inclined to trust in the latter rather than the former since I'm quite sure that's where the Tea Party, a solely owned subsidiary of Koch, wants the attention.

Just in case someone is actually paying attention to me, there is a discussion going on in Congress about looking for ways to make employers actually hire the long term unemployed. If you do call your representatives you might want to tell them to get their heads out of their asses, pass a clean bill on the debt ceiling as they've done for 72 times in history and get to work on something that might actually work. LIKE JOBS!


  1. I'm so impressed with this post that I'm going to flag it on my own site and send a herd of miscreants and disgruntled Americans over here to read it.

    Well said, ma'am, well damn said!

  2. Squatlo,

    I thank you. I've been away from Blogger learning as much as I can about this situation that is really making me angry. It all finally came together in my head and in this post.

  3. Sherry, I discovered your blog through Squatlo. I love what you write.

  4. Wandered over here from Squatlo. Your post is spot on. Too bad Amurika the Stupid doesn't see things as clearly.

    Right arm or is it right on, something like that the kids used to say when I was a kid!!

  5. Sherry. Squatlo sent me over and I'm glad he did.

    Right on, Mama! Great societies have always been built with the hard work of their citizens and they have all crumbled when their governments stand on the citizens to reach selfish goals.

    I now firmly believe that the Roman Empire would have collapsed in a hundred years if they had the internet and talk TV back then.

    Am I allowed to say, "FUCK RICK PERRY!" here?

  6. Well, I'm one of Squatlo's miscreant buddies too and he could not have been more correct in sending me this way. This post reflects exactly what most of us have been TRYING to put in to werds for a long time now. Well damn said Madam keep up the good werk ... and the good fight as well.
    the beej

  7. Sherry,
    This is the crème de la crème of your recent writings. I appreciate it a great deal and glad you drew so many new commenters, I will be trying to visit them in the next few days.
    Poverty. This is a word no one uses now, heard it in a speech lately by either party? The country has millions now in poverty, and many within the middle class are slip-sliding into dispair. Other middle class families are helpless as their kids graduate high school, college, trade schools, find nothing and face poverty too. This word needs to find it's voice again. Instead of poverty these are unemployed, underemployed, or as you point out lazy and so on. Well, they are in poverty, this is the correct word, we need to hear it more. The GOP are wordsmiths of the highest order, we need to clog up their ears and eyes with "poverty", least everyone only see downsized people.

  8. Damn fine post! That Squatlo dude has a hellofa nose for finding true talent. Well stated, well written and very clear. I'm glad I wandered over here.

    But being the cynic that I am, I'm afraid Lindsey Lohan is going to get the numbnuts vote. We're screwed, and getting kissed is not going to make any damned difference.

  9. Mike,

    I'm glad you liked this post. Usually I write about day to day life as I see it, which is kind of boring actually.


    Thanks for the comment. I'll take the right on because when the GOP gets done with us, I'm afraid your going to need that right arm, both legs and possibly your first born to get through this mess.


    Yep, maybe less than 100 years. The computer has given people access to millions of sound bytes carrying part of the information they need to make informed decisions. The problem is, they need to do the research and then apply critical thinking before making up their mind.

    Like that'll happen any more, right?

    By all means, FUCK RICK PERRY and can we add Santorum, Bachmann, Walker, etcetera etcetera?


    Thanks for the vote of confidence. This post isn't going to change a thing, but it made me feel better getting it off my chest, and if it resonated with others, so much the better.

    Now, call or write your representatives and tell them to pass a clean bill and get to work on LEARNING what it takes to create a sound economic picture. Then, they can do something that will actually create jobs.


    Trying to drown the GOP in the notion that people are in poverty due to decisions they made isn't going to work. They firmly believe that people not making enough to live on are lazy. They were too lazy to follow through on their educations and now they want to live on the taxpayers expense. Sadly, they truly believe it. The Democrats don't, but we are in the minority. Even the progressives are turning away.

    The only good thing is this, IF we default, or don't pass a bill which includes revenues the banks and government will find themselves downgraded thereby increasing interest percentages on credit cards and other loans.

    No one will be immune from those interest rates and this will be felt all across the board.


    Oh, you're right. I sat in Twitter, which is where I learned about where to find what I need when I'm researching something. This past weekend, the death of Amy Winehouse overshadowed the Norwegian massacre.

    I'm battening down my hatches to try to ride through what I believe will happen. If I'm right, the ability of the top 10% to keep their wealth is going to be damaged.

    I don't believe it will go to default, but a downgrade will hurt the wealthy much more than it will hurt the poor. Talk about creating jobs will begin in earnest then.

  10. Hey, none of these people came back! I've created a monster!

  11. Venom, I love the smell of venom in the afternoon - it smells like, like, anger....

    Good post. I see the baggers as out in 2012. I recently got with a group called No Labels. Not right, not left, forward.

    Give them a look.


  12. Squatlo,

    Yeah, but I went twice AND look at all the compliments they gave ya.

    AND the real kicker is that two whole Republitard Senators came out against the Tea Loons and Boehner. Corker and McCain are only the first of many...I'm hoping.

  13. Sarge,

    I will, but without that astroturf funding, not sure how many will even know they exist. My problem with the baggers out in 2012 is they have Koch money behind them. Not so sure they're going to be that easy to unseat.

  14. Sherry,
    Add to the indignity and stupidity that GE Healthcare (yeah, they now do health care) is moving the headquarters of one of its divisions from - wait for it - WISCONSIN to CHINA. That's how free trade works, don't you know. An American corporation, to get its foot in the door of a developing market, shifts its headquarters TO the developing market and invests a couple of billion dollars there to accomplish the transition. Any guess whose money the corporation is investing there? This "won't cost any American jobs" but GE Healthcare is looking to produce medical diagnostic equipment there with an eye first to the Chinese market and then to international markets. Other corporations are doing the same. You want to sell your product in China, you build the product in China. And then, wouldn'tcha know, the Chinese-made stuff is cheaper than the US-made stuff it was based on, so why not shut down the US manufacturing plants and make the stuff in China for export back to the US? I could rant on but my blood pressure won't stand it. Suffice to say that greedy owners of US companies put me in mind of Larry, Darryl, and Darryl from the old Newhart show: "anything for a buck."

  15. Yepper Mr. O,

    This is why China has a GROWING middle class while the US has a shrinking one.

    And what do they mean it won't cost American jobs? Those manufacturing jobs are the very kind we need to grow our economy. Sure, they aren't putting anyone out of work but they aren't putting any American to work either.

    President Obama is a visionary. The problem is, he's trying to fly with eagles but he's working with a bunch of ignorant turkeys.

  16. Sherry, possibly buzzards would be the more appropriate bird?

  17. While reading this post I stood up and cheered. I actually sent an impassioned e-mail to Mr. Boehner, imploring him to please do what it takes to get the House to compromise. After all, he's the warden of that asylum, but right now the inmates are running it! Then I listened to his speech, after president Obama's, then I heard about his math blunder this morning...shit, I shouldn't have even bothered. I'm disgusted with the whole mess. Thank you for voicing so eloquently (F-bomb and all) how we all feel.

  18. jadedj,

    I do believe that buzzards is a better choice. Although I just got a visual of buzzards picking over my bones after the government gets through with me. Gave me the shivers. LOL

  19. Midnight,

    Unfortunately John Boehner has no idea what he's doing and he's allowed the Tea Party via Eric Cantor to run roughshod over him. There is nothing that can be done about the zealots that the Teabaggers are and they are a major problem. What needs to happen is a clean bill and jobs.

    I don't use the F-bomb as a matter of course, but there are times when it's absolutely necessary and this situation qualifies.

  20. You're on a roll Sherry. Keep at it. Maybe if enough of us blogheads keep raising hell something will happen, but I doubt it. Congress and the statehouses are populated by millionaires, even multi-millionaires. Pretty doubtful they are ever going to do anything that isn't in their best interests.

  21. A trip over from Squalto: We get what we vote for (or don't vote for) Now we pay the price for sitting back and letting a vocal minority scream their way into power. The big problem is that the damage they do in the short term may not be correctable.
    You'll see me again.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  22. Oh yeah, I love cats.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  23. Sherry:

    I want less sh*t and more Shinola.

  24. Mr. Charleston,

    The night that president Obama got elected, one of his Harvard professors was interviewed by Brian Williams. The professor told Brian that Pres. Obama got into politics because he and Michele truly cared about people.

    If people would only stop with this I want it now attitude, and get behind him truly instead of running their mouths, maybe we could get something done.

    He should have pushed the infrastructure stimulus through Congress first. Once it was approved and people could find jobs, THEN in a year or so HCR. Problem is, people didn't want to spend the money, and his "base" demanded that they get HCR.

  25. Ol'Buzzard,

    I may never forgive Ed Schuster for telling the Dems to stay home in 2010. "Teach the president a lesson" he said. Yuh! Right!

    And the voice of Connie Francis is singing in my head. "Whose Sorry Now?"

  26. Whit,

    If President Obama's prog base had used their heads instead of spouting off and turning against him, he might have focused on what he KNOWS needs to happen to build an economy.

    Closing Gitmo and ending the war will save money. All that does is add financial gain, which the banks will love. It doesn't create jobs.

    Want more shinola? Support his job creating ideas, not his money saving ones.


    Thanks for the visit and the kudos.